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I lost my muse.

Seriously though, for two days, I was a bit busy gardening and it was not even half-way done. I wonder  when I’ll be able to finish , what  with listening to the news or watching the news and reading in between. A lot of things are happening in our country. It is barely two weeks since millions of people went to the streets and shouted Pope Francis’ name with joy and gladness but now I think, people are divided.

I don’t normally do political blogs except those times when elections are coming near. I am getting tired of all these brouhaha happening here. Blogging about it alone would tax your strength. People have become self-righteous and opinionated and as always hiding behind social media. They act like they are so perfect and could run the government perfectly too. They have lost the meaning of the word RESPECT –  respect for others, respect for authority, respect for themselves. It is so sad really. We have become a nation of judgmental people.  I will just pray  for those whose opinions and ideas are contrary to what I believe in. I was reading some comments on Facebook on the headline news and one commenter has written  every evil word that she thinks would describe the President. She wrote in badly written English with so many errors in grammar and she was so passionate about lambasting the former. I can’t help but comment back like this, “Okay, I get it you are so perfect that you are capable of running the government your own way but have you ever thought that you can’t even spell properly? Are you so proud of yourself that you are writing in English? Magtagalog ka na lang”  or something to that effect. I could be a bitch too, sometimes 🙂 It is so easy to tell the President to resign but have they ever thought of the outcome  if that happens? Who would benefit from it, definitely not us, ordinary citizens. I found this column by Winnie Monsod from the Philippine Inquirer and I am asking the same question. Like her, I would rather choose a lesser evil.

I am catching up on my reading, done three books in a week and I am advanced by four books in my reading challenge at Goodreads.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet the challenge. I am finding new authors and interesting books. I miss taking pics though because my camera has this message “memory card error”. I tried changing the SD card but the same message showed.  I  am planning to bring it tomorrow to the service center of Canon.

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