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I am getting tired of all the news about what happened in Maguindanao last January 25, 2015. I have watched the Senate and Congress’ hearings since Monday, watched the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) spokesperson Iqbal still denying that it was the MILF who did the massacre on the 44 Special Armed Forces of our Philippine National Police. I watched the video uploaded by a heartless person showing someone who fired his gun at close range at a hapless SAF member who was on the ground fighting for his life.

What more do you need? Iqbal says that the Bangsamoro is not part of the Philippines  and yet asking the government to sign the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)for the former’s benefits, then the Philippines would be called their mother country. He said that the MILF group would remain revolutionary until the BBL is signed.  Oh yes, as I understand only for the benefit of the MILF, initially to the tune of  P70B (that is spelled 70 billion pesos) to be shouldered by the Filipino taxpayers. Are they crazy? Are our government negotiators acting in favor of the revolutionary movement? And if the BBL would be signed into law, what then? How can we be sure that they would lay down their arms once its done?  I think  it is detrimental to the whole country allowing these groups to rule Mindanao. If they consider themselves Filipinos, they should abide by it, pay their taxes,  work the land they are claiming to be theirs and not part of the Philippines.They have the means to buy arms but they ask the government to help them just like that? They do not want to be called terrorists but they are doing otherwise.

You are talking of peace but  we are  seeking justice for our SAF heroes.  How can you talk of peace when you are pointing your guns at us? How can you talk of peace when you are violating a basic human right to live?  If my small voice could be heard, all I want to say is this, “lay down your arms first then let us talk of peace”.


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