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Thanks Richard for another lovely quote....

Thanks Richard for another lovely quote….


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You wonder why

the shadows are longer

in the early morning sun.

Then it gets shorter as the day moves on.

Have you also wondered

why life knocks you down?

Then you get that burst of inspiration

That makes you believe, dream

and lifts you up.

There are moments when you don’t need

to seek  all the answers.

There are moments when you just have to trust

in yourself.

There are moments when all you have to do

is to let go and move on.

One day you’ll find

That the long shadow is gone.

And you’ll see the sun shining through

in your life again.

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I am glad my camera was finally fixed though I have to pay for an expensive labor service. They changed the memory card reader and I had to wait for almost half a day yesterday to have it done.  Hopefully, it would last until I am ready and able to buy a new one.  I tried taking shots of the Holland blooms at Gateway Mall, they are just so lovely but I can’t identify most of them. A flower arrangement costs from P1,000.00 to P1,200.00. Expensive isn’t it? It’s Valentine’s day in a few days and I think just like they celebrate Christmas here, some people celebrate it with panache and aplomb. Me, I am the practical one and don’t really celebrate the event. I’d rather have a lasting gift to cherish than flowers that fade in two or three days. I prefer flowers in a garden or fresh green shoots that I could add to the sparse flowering shrubs here. I am such a kill joy but I love  a garden of blooms more than picked flowers.

It’s that kind of morning where I was glued again to the television screen watching the initial hearing at the Senate on the Mamasapano clash between the Special Action Force of the PNP and the MILF  (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) guerillas and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. It resulted in the death of 44 SAF men who were brutally killed despite the fact that the government and the MILF are presently in the peace negotiation process. We are under the belief that the SAF group  killed Marwan, a Malaysian who was one of the FBI most wanted terrorists with a $5M dollars reward on his head, a maker of bombs being used by terrorists worldwide. According to news report,  the FBI has confirmed that his DNA matches with the DNA of his brother who is in prison in the US. One question that plays in my mind is this,  is the MILF really sincere in the peace negotiation? Why do they have to mutilate the bodies of the SAF soldiers, take their guns and even personal effects like cellphones to the point of even calling wives of the fallen SAF members telling them not to call their husbands anymore because they are dead?. Why is the MILF cuddling such  terrorist in their midst? Come to think of it,this world is not safe anymore for our growing kids.

We are for peace in Mindanao. The Philippine government is for peace but at what cost will we have to stretch our hands so peace could be attained without shedding blood in the process? I wonder if the Bangsamoro Basic Law which is still to be passed will have a positive effect on the peace negotiation. I wonder if it will just be used by the MILF, the MNLF and the BIFF to further their dreams of an autonomous Mindanao. What about the peace-loving citizens and fellow Filipinos who do not want war at all cost?

There will be more hearings and investigations on what happened in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.  Life is precious  and achieving peace may still be out of reach. Enough of the coffee-table conjectures and unsolicited advises from well-meaning citizens who don’t know where to connect point A to point B. Let us all pray that the peace process will work out in the end. Let there be ONE NATION, ONE GOVERNMENT, ONE FLAG.



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