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Here are more quotes from my favorite author, Richard Paul Evans. Some are lifted from his soon to be released book, A Step of Faith.

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Sometimes the simplest things are the best Nature can give. And seeing the beauty of raindrops is like  allowing yourself to feel that life in all its angst is beautiful.



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Our Precious Bundle of Joy


I am trying my hand at taking close-up shots of Nate.  Here’s one. Yeay, our baby is two months old today. And when I think of what he’s been through during the early days of his life, I could only marvel at God’s goodness. He now listens to conversations and responds in his own language. And Nissa taught him that saying “I love you Nate” are the perfect words because he always has that nice smile every time he hears them.

Love you so much baby. Happy two months 🙂

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