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I am always fascinated by candle lights, never mind if you’re just using tea light candles to illuminate a room or just to give that romantic feel in a very subdued lighting. These are my collections of Cardinal Ceramics which I bought more than twenty years ago.  Tea light candle holders, small figurines of animals and  beautiful potpourri bowls which were all hand-painted.  My former office mates and I  used to visit different branches of Cardinal Ceramics stores to look for those lovely set of tea cups and candle holders. It was an export company that started as a livelihood program but I think some years ago, it closed its doors to the public. A friend from Netherlands once  told me when she saw my collection that they looked like Delft ceramics. Anyway, since they are no longer manufactured here, I guess, I have to take care of them more. I may never be able to find another Cardinal Ceramics plate in any store here or if there still are, they must cost sky-high.


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