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This is the best thing ever. Not that  I would let WordPress take a backseat  because it now occupies a special place in my heart and my time but knowing that my site at Multiply is still alive and yes, everything is intact, is like winning in a small-town lottery. Earlier on, I thought that everything I posted there from October 2007 until about three  years later is gone just like what happened to Friendster. When I visited it yesterday though, my photo albums, music videos, CD uploads (I used to upload entire CD albums from my collections) favorite links, recipes are still there. Take that to mean a big smile  🙂 from me. And the main reason why I am a little sentimental about it is, it was there that I learned the rudiments of blogging. And every blog that I did at that site was precious to me. I hope,  they would let it stay that way. We could no longer use it as social networking site but we could retain it  as is.

Kudos Multiply! I could listen to my favorite music albums while blogging here at WordPress. Thank you, thank you!


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