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Let’s go green today.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day afterall. Every year, I blog about this. I have so many shamrocks growing in my garden and every time I see those dainty white flowers, I am reminded of the Irish Blessings book that a friend gave me a long time ago but I lost it during typhoon Ondoy back in 2009. All those books at my night table that were my daily companions back then are gone now.  A few years ago, this same friend gave me another copy, a little older edition of the one he gave me before. I love all those sayings written in that well-loved book.

The quarantine we are having now has been enhanced. It took effect last night.  Suspended work  for some, closed malls, no public vehicles on the road. Josef and Jovy have no work today. I wonder about their schedules thereafter. Nissa works from home and that is three days a week, then down to the office for two days.  She made these lovely oil pastel  paintings over the weekend. She wants to paint on acrylic again but has no canvas.

I remember my own foray on acrylic two years ago, Nissa enrolled me in an art class for my birthday.

Taking everything one day at a time. Hoping this virus would leave our shores for good.


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More gifts.


Last Saturday, Nissa gave me a lovely red journal from UBX. It’s another addition to my  stash.  Maybe, I’ll get to use them all until I die.  I don’t often write my posts in those blank pages bu I love collecting them. She further gave me a desk calendar featuring  our local artist BenCab. twelve paintings on Mother and Child. One painting in each month.

Mother And child, Acrylic on Canvas, 2006


Mother’s Love 1, Ink on Paper, 1977

Mother and Child, Acrylic on paper, 1994

These are just three of the featured paintings in the calendar.  Benedicto Reyes Cabrera more popularly known as BenCab  is one of our National Artists and  is widely held as a master of contemporary arts. When you see  reproductions  of  artworks like these every day, you are somehow inspired.

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Nissa gave me this just before she left for a seminar in Batangas yesterday. It’s a BPI planner for 2010 and it doesn’t come free.  You might wonder why I am raving about it.  It’s about 7 x 10 in size with glossy pages and a collection of modern paintings from the art collection of Bank of the Philippine Islands.  It’s more like a book than a journal, yes, I’m going to use it as my journal for this year.

The cover is an untitled artwork by one of our national artists HR Ocampo.

Woman Figure in Blue by Mauro Malang Santos. Beautiful , isn’t it?

Fishing Scene by Oscar Zalamea

The Lake Series I, Geyser #2 by Phyllis Zaballero

January 30, 1970 by National Artist Jose Joya

The Scene by National Artist Cesar Legaspi

Fragmented Landscape by Florencio Concepcion

Abstract by National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz

Actually there were a lot more featured contemporary paintings in this gem of a planner. I love them all.  Sometimes I just miss the years I spent working at Bank of PI.

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