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It is really nothing new, the Philippines is a flood-prone country but we didn’t expect the destructive nature of typhoon Ulysses. Pagasa said it will only pass by Metro Manila  but  it directly passed by the province of Rizal  in which our town is included, Pasig City, Bulacan province and Marikina City.

Thoughts of typhoon Ondoy back in 2009 came too close all over again. Wednesday of last week, Josef, Jovy and I didn’t have a wink the whole night watching the storm. At round 5 am the following day, I fell asleep for an hour and when I woke up at around 6:30 am, flood waters were at the garage.  We weren’t able to move out the car since the current outside was too strong and several cars on our street were already parked there. It is higher than the other streets in our subdivision.

Right there and then, we gathered  some of our belongings, important papers that should be saved, some groceries and change of clothing. We transferred to our neighbor whose house has three levels. They are like second family to us. With the two fur babies and mom in tow, we braved the winds and the rains crossing the street.  Good thing Josef was able to detach the car’s battery and computer box before we left although rain waters reached the seat of the car. We have it towed last Friday. It is still covered by comprehensive insurance so that’s one expense saved.

Flood waters inside the house reached  my knees  so we transferred everything to a higher place. We came back the following day, mud was all over the sala and dining area. Good thing it didn’t reach our bedrooms. It is always easier to lift those furniture and fixtures and what have you but so hard to put them back after the storm. My legs are aching until now. That Friday night, we were surprised that Isabela and Cagayan provinces in  the north were deep in water, as high as the second level of most home and you can’t even see rooftop of most houses. It was VP Leni who mobilized those who could help in the rescue in the middle of the night.

Malacanang and duterte’s men were so quiet about what was happening in the north. And now these duterte diehards that we call DDS are bashing VP Leni left and right. I hate, hate them. She was so busy visiting those flooded areas that three consecutive typhoons hit. They could not find fault in what she is doing until now so they invent lies and scenarios against the vice-president and post them on social media.

If only they didn’t shut down ABS-CBN, news could have reached those far away places affected by the storm. These dam operators were crazy, they released waters from Magat dam at the height of the typhoon flooding these two provinces. I think protocol is, they have to open the gates at least two or three days before the storm hit.

It used to be that foreign countries help the Philippines whenever calamities like this strike but duterte put an end to that when he said a few years back that he does not need help from those countries because he does not want his human rights violations exposed.

I know, Filipinos are resilient when it comes to disasters but this government is so slow to act to help us. I guess it is about time that he leaves his seat and transfer the reign to our working and compassionate Vice-President Leni Robredo.


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You are often asked time and again by friends, family members and sometimes acquaintances, “How are you”? I guess that is the standard greeting and the standard answer is, “I’m okay”.  Physically, we might look good  to other people but what if you answer, “I’m not good” or “I’m sick”.  What would you think would be the reaction of your  friend  when you say that? Some would just probably smile awkwardly and just go on  while others who have genuine concern for you will ask further what is wrong.

I am guilty of this, saying okay when I am not. You are afraid sometimes that other people would think ill of you if you share your woes to the world in general. Some would just shake their heads and allow you to rant.

Just received so many messages from friends and relatives on Facebook when I posted that flood waters reached our garage. So grateful for all the concerns and regards to us. Yes, of course you are happy when you are remembered this way.

A friend (a former boss actually) posted this response  on an opinion page at one of our national dailies which asked, “Is resilience bad for us as a nation”?

“Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. There is no doubt that resilience is a useful trait, especially in the face of traumatic events such as this flooding. But, if we don’t seek solutions to the problems and hold people accountable, then, what we are seeing is the dark side of resiliency”.

I agree. Filipinos are known for being resilient, we have that innate toughness  when we encounter difficulties. As long as we can endure a certain situation, we don’t complain. As they say in Tagalog, “inaapakan ka na, pinapabayaan mo lang”. Inaapakan ka na at binabastos ka na, naka ngiti ka pa rin”. 

A lot of people are asking on their wall, “Where is the president”? I  asked the same question yesterday and my friends responded enthusiastically.  I understand he was in Davao when the flood hit Metro Manila and nearby provinces (as of now, some are still under water).  Supposedly, he and his cohorts would do an aerial view of the damages but it was postponed.  He didn’t show his face and true to their FAKE advocacy, he sent his assistant and a look-alike (an impostor) if you please to visit the evacuation site in Marikina City. This is the only time I observed that the president is a “no-show” in such calamities. Before, the government is always at the scene when calamities strike us, helping, coordinating works for the welfare of the people.  Oh my gosh, they elected an impostor, he is just being true to himself.  He is against drugs right? But how come an almost P7 billion worth of Shabu entered the Philippines last week through customs and until now, they are silent as a mouse? No condemnation on what happened, no words that he will punish those responsible for the allowed shipment. An irate friend shouted out that maybe he is busy  distributing  that huge amount of drugs to help those affected by the flood.

Did I say the Philippines is okay? IT IS NOT.




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