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Can the day get any better?

I am just choosing to ignore all the “bad” happenings   yesterday.  Yes, it’s pretty bad.  Politics here is literally  thriving on fake news and persecution of  those who are opposed to how the government is run. A self-confessed drug lord set free  ( including their cohorts) by the Department of Justice and the one he accused  of  receiving millions from him is languishing in jail for a crime she didn’t commit?  Where are we going? Our economy is practically in the doldrums.  When will this end? I am getting tired of it all.

It is a nice Tuesday morning though. I just updated my Garden and Empty Spaces blog. for the past several months , I have neglected blogging there. It’s nice to post photos again in their original format.  I usually reduce  what I post here  to save on space but at the other blog, I’ve only used up a mere 9% of it.  Way to go, it will probably take a long time before it’s filled up with those random photos that I post there.

This is just a short post. Happy Tuesday everyone!


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People change

Life alters, sometimes for better or for worse

We reach a fork  in the road that says

Go this way or that,

It matters not.

What counts is,

You are strong to face the battle,

No matter how difficult the situation is.

Fear not,  for He will always point the right way.

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Sometimes, there is that nostalgic longing for a place you’ve been to…..just once . There’s a tug at the heart that says, will I ever visit this place again? Will I ever know how it’s like to walk those hills and commune with the wild flowers, smell the earth beneath and wonder where those clouds will go? There is something there that makes you think of long ago days – the dreams you held in your heart but never materialized, the days you thought that happiness and joy are forever things that make  life so meaningful. You think of the missed opportunities, the what-ifs, the might have been, the regrets and love lost in between.  You think how times flies  and leaves you breathless because once it’s gone, it comes back either as a pleasant memory or an event you’d  rather not dwell on.

Hello February, what have you got in store for me?

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Why do I get the feeling that I don’t know how to start blogging again? It’s been one stressful week. Rain, rain go away and don’t ever come back. Every time it rains, it gives me the shivers and I remember typhoon Ondoy all over again. We’re still lucky though that the water only reached more than a foot high inside the house.

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