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I am excited to show you my two new air plants. They arrived today together with my air plant holders.

The two in front are called Tillandsia Ionantha while the one in the middle is Ionantha CV. One of the two latest additions would turn red when it matures and they produce flowers too. I am excited. Hopefully, they would grow healthy.


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I found this set of lovely mini clay stove designed the traditional way (it’s only about three or four  inches long), a mini pot with cover, frying pan and a clay dish in one of our cabinet drawers. I think it is actually a child’s toy given by my sister-in-law years and years ago.

They are just perfect for temporary home to my air plant meantime that the air plant holders I ordered haven’t arrived yet. Two more air plants will be delivered tomorrow. I am beginning to love this. Not so much maintenance as long as you’ll mist them every day or dip them in water for 10 minutes every week, dry and put them back to their holders.

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