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Oh my gosh. this is crazy. I saw the video of a flight passenger of a United Airlines plane being  dragged down his seat and forcibly being taken out of the plane. United Airlines said they were overbooked that is why they have to  lessen the number of passengers in that particular flight. He didn’t want to because he is a  doctor and some passengers were  waiting for him in his destination. Of course, the netizens were  downright angry about what happened.  Even the other passengers were shouting at the security force of the airline. Human dignity is clearly missing here. Gosh, the humiliation of being forcibly  taken out of the airplane even if he has fully paid his air fare.  What are the rules when it comes to overbooking? Shouldn’t it be voluntary on the part of the passengers? Why should the airline overbook in the first place? What kind of customer service do they have? Latest report said that the video has become viral and the stocks of United Airlines went down today.  Is offloading allowed in other airline flights too?  So far, here in our country according to some aviation officials interviewed earlier, that hasn’t happened yet and they don’t want something similar to happen. They ask volunteer passengers if they could transfer their flight on another one and give some compensation in the process.

Remember that virtual pet back in the 90’s called Tamagotchi? The original design is being reintroduced in the market by Bandai. Back when it was still new in the market, I bought two for Josef and me although it was a little expensive. I used to bring it at the office and checked on it regularly to feed and do all the things one has to do with a real pet. I had a good few months playing that digital toy.

photo credit to Bandai

The kids of the nineties have grown up. and Tamagotchi was replaced by other virtual toys in the market. I wonder if it would be as popular as it was back then. I remember a priest friend who  asked me before what good it would bring to play with one. I just said for relaxation.  Oh, I guess I would still buy one when it comes in the market.

It’s Holy Wednesday and some Christians call it Spy Wednesday. It was this time when Judas betrayed Jesus with thirty pieces of silver. There is a procession here in our parish this afternoon. Have a blessed week.


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