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“What are you doing there?” Hubby asked while he was maneuvering the car out of the garage.

“Are you praying?” he further questioned so I simply answered, “I am meditating”.

For about an hour, I sat in front of  a pot of purslane which I transferred  to a larger  pot  over a week ago. I bought the cuttings from a vendor at the wet market. They are of different colors of yellow, light pink, fuchsia, orange  and white.  I just can’t wait to see them bloom.  This morning, while I was watering the plants, I noticed that they finally had those buds ready to burst open.   Purslane or pig weed are locally know as Vietnam  Rose.

I took a chair and waited until they unfolded one by one.  What a lovely sight.    And I was thinking, I was given another chance to witness a miracle – a simple unfolding of a bloom.  Nature makes us appreciate everything about life,  the simple  truth of knowing that there is Someone up there showing us the wonder of creation, right before our eyes.

I am humbled Lord,

I am truly  amazed.

These flowers simply fascinate me

No one else could paint such

a beautiful canvas about life

Except You!


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