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I got curious so I waited for 12 noon to watch the newest show on ABS CBN called Win Na Win, a combination game and variety show hosted by Kris Aquino,  Robin Padilla, Pokwang, Valerie Cocepcion and  Mariel Rodriguez.  I understand it is the replacement of the previous one called Wowowee. ( Did I get the spelling right?).  I have seen Robin Padilla on the  previous show and blogged about the guy once or twice.  And Kris is…. Kris, she is everywhere and she is highly controversial so having the two of them around and together  would probably make the show a winner.  It’s their pilot episode and there were so many guest stars so it was a riot.   Kris says she and Pokwang has a certain chemistry  and Robin is  a girl’s darling.    Most of  Kris’ previous shows are really not that “pang-masa” so to speak so let’s see how she will fare when the real “masa” would troop to the show.  Would she be as effective for making people shed tears in gratitude ?   And they say there is a romance brewing between  Robin and Mariel.  Pokwang’s wit is priceless.   It’s something to look forward to in the coming days.

If you have time, watch it from 12pm to 3pm  Monday to Saturday.  Pilipinas, win na win!  Congratulations guys!


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Richard Paul Evans,one of my favorite authors has this post on his wall which he calls GratiTuesday and most of his friends and fans respond with their own one liner gratitude in return. It’s fun to contribute  one’s own gratitude notes, just being thankful and grateful  for  everything happening in your life.  It is even wonderful to read what people are grateful about –  be it as simple as seeing friends,  having whip cream in their coffee, seeing a beautiful sunset,  accomplishing what they needed to do for the day, the list reached almost a thousand last Tuesday. Mine was this:   I am grateful for finally receiving payment for my  article. I was surprised when I received a private message from somebody named Millie Cantrell  saying:  “Read with interest your post.  May heavenly Father bless you with all you stand in need  of.  I was touched by your post.” That she was touched by those simple words touched me too.

Last Tuesday, I received an e-mail from the editorial desk  of Philstar.com  informing  me to get the payment from M. Lhuillier.  It was not much, I know,  but more than the amount that I received, I just feel happy that I was recognized for my writing effort.  It is my second published article at Philippine Star but this is the first time that I joined  their contest.

God is so good, all the time!

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Tried a packet of the ingredients which Nissa brought home from Thailand.  It really taste different when you have  authentic Thai ingredients.  I  used  one whole deboned  chicken breast here and two small potatoes.  Hmmm…yummy!

One of my nieces gave me a box of this Jubileum ensaymada.  First time I’ve tasted  such a silky soft ensaymada.  More, more please!

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  • Pagiging tapat sa sinumpaang tungkulin
  • Ang pera ng taong bayan ay gagastusin para sa taong bayan
  • Pananagutin ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno
  • Ang nakikilahok, nakikibahagi sa solusyon
  • Iba na ang situwasyon, pwede na muling mangarap

We’ve all been looking forward to the first State of the Nation Address of President Benigno C. Aquino III. I was tuned in to ANC  as early as 10am. I don’t want to miss the first SONA of P-Noy.  I appreciate it that ANC engaged a sign-language interpreter for this event.

A reader here asked my opinion on P-Noy’s speech.  And someone said that my post on P-Noy’s SONA lacks content.  Don’t you think that it can stand on its own?  I don’t want to mar its beauty and the impact it has on all Filipinos. I am not a political analyst, nor am I a political blogger. Let’s leave the analyzing to the experts.  I shun writing political blogs because you clearly need to get your facts right even before you attempt to write.  Plain-guessing is not acceptable.   What I have are just bits of what I saw on TV before and after P-Noy’s delivery of his first SONA.

US Ambassador Harry Thomas was interviewed by journalist Maan Hontiveros of ABS CBN. He mentioned about  wangwang and said that they would not miss listening to P-Noy deliver his speech.  I was literally ogling at the resplendent gowns and shining Barong Tagalog worn by the attendees.  It’s quite interesting to see different personalities together in one event – old faces/politicians, neophyte members of the Senate and Congress, P-Noy’s Cabinet members and their families and a sprinkling of foreign dignitaries too.  The Marcoses are back of course. I saw Bongbong earlier talking to VP Binay’s daughter.  There are three of them now Bongbong as senator, Imelda as House representative and Imee as governor of Ilocos.  How time flies, back in 1986, they were pleading for their lives and left Malacanang in a hurry.  I hope this time, they are sincere enough to help the government succeed.

Camera focused on  Lucy Torres who won a seat in their place in Ormoc.  She looks lovely in a teal blue terno. Imelda Marcos was looking hale and hearty in a violet gown.  How old is she now?   Well, never mind, my guess is as good as yours.  Ballsy, Pinky and Viel were all wearing yellow ternos, a standard color for all the  Aquinos. But where is Kris?   I love  Rep. Teddy Casino’s barong.  He said this was his first time to attend a SONA because the last time it was delivered, he did not recognize the legitimacy of the Arroyo government.  Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano  was in gold, or was it light orange barong?  He was his usual articulate self.  Haha, dig this!  Rep.  Edcel Lagman and Sen. Franklin Drilon were standing next to each other but they were not talking.  Lagman just lost the House Speakership to Rep. Sonny Belmonte  with a total vote of 29 against Belmonte’s  227.  Ah, just saw Rep. Manny Pacquiao all by his lonesome.  He is in a different arena now.  Could he be ill at ease with the seasoned politicians around?  He looked like a puppy surrounded by bulldogs and terriers.  He is a celebrity in his own right so there is really no problem there.

Wow!  I love P-Noy’s barong, it’s engraved with the word P-Noy  with a shape of a ribbon for design.  And he was sporting a new hair style.  Some reporters were speculating earlier if he would come in late or not, because there is no  wang wang to ease  drive to Batasang Pambansa. Sorry guys, he came on time, briefly stopped at the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office then finally proceeded to the great hall of the Batasan.

Watching and listening to the Pambansang Awit always evokes some emotions I cannot explain, some sort of being proud to be a Filipino. Have you ever experienced that?  I am saddened though that a lot of us no longer stand up when the National  Anthem is being played specially inside theaters or in malls where it is a standard procedure to play it before opening.   It is the simplest way of  showing respect for the flag, don’t you think?

Some of P-Noy’s detractors are saying that he should not have dwelt on the past administration’s wrongs and excesses, presenting facts left and right, but he should have presented a concrete plan on how  he could solve all of those gigantic problems.  Come on guys, let’s give him a chance.  I believe that he is truly after a clean, transparent and  honest governance.  Let’s do our  share in making this country we could truly be proud of.  And I say,  stop whining and finding faults but be part of the solution.

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I was happy to receive a call from Phil. Star  confirming  their  payment about the article I’ve submitted to  their Tell a Story contest.   Final judging would be this coming December.  I told a friend that I could buy lost of books for that amount and he replied, “if I were the judge, you’ll be the winner”.  Thank you for the vote of confidence.

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Congratulations to the University of Santo Tomas Singers for winning the Llangolleen Eisteddfod 2010, Choir of the World!  Go USTe!  Proud to be a Thomasian!    Bravo Tomasino, you really make us proud.   Proud to be Pinoy!

(from the video collections of raigonzales)

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July 14, 2010

Thanks be to God!

Thank you for the gift of life,

Thank you for the gift of presence,

Thank you for the gift of family,

Thank you for the gift of friendship,

Thank you for the gift of healing,

May I see You in every person that I will meet,

May I see You in every event of my life.

And may I show You Lord to others.


Yesterday, I received this beautiful message and prayer from  Lovell, a close friend, who has been and is continuously  egging me on to appreciate life no matter how difficult it is sometimes,   and I was teary-eyed reading it.  It summarizes all the pains and the joys of  my journey, a year of  blessings and challenges!  Yes,  it is my first anniversary – at this same time last year, I was at the lowest ebb of my life, undergoing  a surgical resection of my colon because of a malignant cyst which turned out to be a Stage 3 colon cancer.   I was in denial for a while  but finally accepted that God must have a greater purpose in my life to give me such a heavy burden.  Imagine distancing yourself from a situation that you can’t control, and when you are caught with your defenses down, you look back and think of those times when life is simple and happiness means being healthy, having lots of loving friends at your side and a loving family to turn to and take care of you.

The last year has been an eye-opener for me.  I discovered that I am strong despite everything, I discovered that the presence of family and loving friends help a lot in one’s healing.  And putting your complete trust and faith in a loving God is the greatest thing you can do to help yourself get well.  Chemotherapy is no joke, it saps your body of strength  and the costly procedures add to your financial worries.  I know, I know, they would always say, concentrate on getting well,  sometimes though you can’t help but think, you are luckier than most people afflicted of the same illness because  at least you have an option to see a specialist and  do what is necessary for your healing.

Thank you! Thank God for giving me the strength to carry on, to endure the pain  and  not to whine, to count the blessings  of having my family around, thank  God for   friends who never fail to give encouragement,  thank you  for the people whom I’ve touched in one way or another by sharing my plight with them.

Thank you! Thank  God for my doctors, Dr. Samuel Ang, my surgical oncologist, the best doctor I’ve met, Dr. Priscilla Caguioa, my medical oncologist for being there during my chemotherapy sessions, Dr. Alvin dela Cruz, my cardiologist,  a very supportive and caring doctor,  Dr. Ditas Decena, my OB gynecologist who is also a friend, Dr. Jeff Jubilado, my urologist for being so encouraging, the nurses at Benavidez Cancer Institute- UST.

Thank you! Thank God for the gift of family – for having a loving and understanding hubby, for having  thoughtful kids and brothers.  I salute you all!

And for all those people who left some comments in my blogs, that they somehow found strength and inspiration by reading my journey towards healing, thank you.

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You might find it weird when I say that grocery shopping is one of the guilty pleasures in my life.  Of late, since I’ve been hospitalized again last  May,  I seldom go out except when I visit my doctors and  attend Sunday masses.  I do get tired easily, can’t even exercise because of the DJ stent, I am ever so careful of doing household chores that tax my strength.

Anyway, after a few hours finding that much-needed dress for next  Sunday’s reunion, I accompanied my daughter and the hubby to do the grocery.  I always enjoy grocery shopping  – reading labels, finding new items to buy, searching for a lower-priced commodity, and looking at expiry dates . I am very particular  about this since I found out that  some of those that  they place on their  ON Sale bins  are actually a few days short of reaching the end of  its shelf life.  Believe me, don’t ever buy those Buy One, Take One items that you see without checking  them first .  You might just go home  with a dented can of sardines or an about to expire item.

A few days ago, I was looking at the neatly arranged shelf of one of the branches of Mercury Drug Stores while the hubby was in line buying  my medications.   Imagine that silly grin on my face when I saw  a box that reads Tancho Pomade. And I asked myself, “buhay pa eto?”.  The last time I saw a jar of that brand was way back in high school because  my Dad used  it to keep his short hair in place.  Time changes things though, because the now generation uses all sorts of hair treatments – from gel to anti-frizz spray to hair mousse to styling wax.  But Tancho, yikes, I didn’t even like the greasy feel of it.

And going back to my foray at the grocery store shelves,  I found these  packs of  Tarzan and Judge. Oh come on, don’t tell me you didn’t grow up munching on  Tarzan Bubblegum.  Wow, after all these years, these  childhood favorites are still here.  Mom used to bring home bubblegum  for us kids every time she does the  weekly marketing.  My brothers and I even had that sort of contest as to who could produce the biggest bubble and  outlast the others.  Choc-nut, who could forget these  delectable and delicious peanut and chocolate bars of old?  Nobody told us that it was bad for the teeth and too much sugar is also bad for the health.  Remember those exchange gifts called Kris Kringle? Back then, receiving a box of  Choc-Nut was like having  a sinfully addictive Toblerone and Andes Mints.

It seems that our memories of childhood were  synonymous with food dear to us.  Summer fruits like siniguelas, duhat, guava, mango, atis, to name a few are  some of the things I really crave for.  One could not exchange the pleasure of climbing  duhat trees, even sometimes getting a frown and a sermon from Mom because you filled your pockets with these plum-like fruits not knowing that the stains of the juice are hard to remove.  One thing that I haven’t seen for quite a long time now is balimbing. and I am not speaking of your traditional-turn-coat politicians.   Gosh, I have to google the translation of  balimbing in English, and they call it star fruit.  As to why it was closely associated with the former, tell me.

Looking back, it’s the simple things that give us so much pleasure.   What’s yours?

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Where Heroes Are Made.

That’s the theme for the 73rd Season of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines which will be hosted by De La Salle University.  Yes, we can be heroes in our real lives.

I spent the whole afternoon glued to the TV screen. I love the opening song done by Ogie Alcasid,  and the different school colors of the eight universities participating reminds me of the long ago cartoon series, Bioman.  I am not a connoisseur when it comes to basketball because the only games I watch on TV is the yearly UAAP series.  I get excited just watching everyone  but of course, the lion’s share  goes to my Alma Mater, University of Santo Tomas.  I remember the last time the team won, four years ago.  The three of us, my daughter, my son and I were jumping like crazy while watching the championship round.  The three of us are UST alumni so there never was a question of who  was  rallying for whom, we were one in supporting UST of course.  Sadly though, the next three seasons were not meant for UST Growling Tigers but that was okay with me because, overall, UST remained the champion and last season was their 37th win.  I am still optimistic that Pido Jarencio and his boys would draw  magic inside the court. Would that be too much to ask and dream about?   Then it would be nice to celebrate it with the 400th year of the university.  We are celebrating the quadricentennial  year of UST by 2011.

Wow, it seemed that they were up to a good start.  UST won over UE by a margin of 13 points.  80-67.  It was a very exciting game and I enjoyed watching it.  Go USTe! Go Tigers! Growl!

(Photo courtesy of WikiPilipinas.org)

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Congratulations to the University of Santo Tomas for winning the 37th OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP  at the UAAP Season 72.  Go USTe, good luck Growling Tigers for Season 73.

Proud to be a Thomasian!

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