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Happy  Sunday all!

After that intermittent rain last night (yes, there were moments it totally stopped then rained again), we have finally seen the face of the morning sun. Compared to yesterday, it is still cloudy outside but the rain has finally stopped.

I haven’t attended Sunday mass yet, gonna wait for Josef and Jovy to come home before we catch the evening mass here at the village. My gosh, it started to rain again as I write this.

I’d like to think that happiness is not always measured by one’s success in life. Sometimes we think that successful people are happy but deep inside they’re not. You could be smiling, shaking hands with people you meet, showing a happy face for others to see but  deep within, you are alone in your thoughts, sometimes ugly, sometimes suicidal. What makes people commit that one act  of ending their lives despite their success? What makes them think of suicide and do it? What makes them so unhappy that they have to do that drastic measure of taking life into their hands?

You’ve heard of Kate Spade ending her life one Tuesday morning then a few days later Anthony Bourdain followed suit.  Time and again I would hear of Kate Spade and her creations  (not even dreamed of even seeing her creative designs in my orbit) but Anthony Bourdain was famous even here in our country. He has visited the Philippines several times, trying on our exotic food like balut and our to die for lechon.  He even shared a glass of halo-halo  in a slum area in Tondo.  Most posts at Facebook are about his life, how he struggled to study culinary arts in his early  years. A celebrity chef, traveler and a story-teller.

Beneath the success and happiness may be a deep depression for both.  Do we really understand what depression is and what depression means? I don’t. All I know is that success in life does not always makes you happy.  My oncologist a few years ago emphasized that one of the major causes of cancer, any cancer at that is stress, aside of course from genes.  I believe so. When you are stressed, your body shows signs of weakness too physically. You get that gargantuan headaches and you think it is a normal way of life.  You get those joints  and muscles pains and you think they’re just part of growing old. Sometimes we ignore and procrastinate until it is too late.

Let’s learn to value life every day. Let’s learn to be happy in the true sense of the word.  Even little things could make us smile and be happy. Albert Camus said it so well and I quote: “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” 


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Whatever else be lost among the years, let us keep Christmas still a shining thing; Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears, let us hold close one day, remembering It’s poignant meaning for the hearts of men. Let us get back our childlike faith again.-grace noll crowell

Remembering this lovely message about Christmas. It’s that time of year again when we get so busy with preparations. There is a much-awaited guest, a little child born in Bethlehem.

The celebration of  Christmas may not be that always  happy for everyone. There are people who spend their  Christmas on the street on a cold winter night. There are people who make use of  cardboard boxes  in some corner for their beds. There are people who never know the twinkle of the tinsel on the  Christmas tree or the bright lights that adorn it. Christmas is just another day  or night of begging on the streets. Not all of us are lucky to  open gifts, prepare a lot of food on the table, exchange warm hugs  or listen to Christmas carols.  The joy that Christmas brings is non-existent in their lives.

What is happiness? People say happiness depends on our outlook in life, the way we experience things and the way we react to them. It is not so much  of the material things in our life but more on peace of mind, contentment, purity of heart, a positive attitude towards life,  a sense of well-being,  or a roof over one’s head and food on the table.

Happiness could be found in the simplest of things in our lives. A smile makes us happy,  more so when it comes from  strangers we meet on the streets. A  simple hello would put a smile on one’s face and is usually answered with another hello.

No matter what the circumstances, remember always to be happy. Celebrating Christmas is one reason to put a smile on your face.



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It is a gray morning here. Weather disturbance  Marce has intensified into a tropical storm. Although there is no typhoon signal here in Metro Manila, the sun hasn’t come out today.

I miss the sun and I miss the beach too. It has been so long since I’ve visited one.  Nissa’s family spent last week at the beach.  Nate told me that he had a wonderful time swimming even at night.  It must be lovely to stay outdoors on a sunny day. It must be lovely to dig your toes in the sand and  smell the salt air. It must be lovely to just idle around and think of  lovely thoughts about life.

A picture of Nate playing with his daddy.

A picture of Nate playing with his daddy.

Moments of bliss. Moments of being thankful. Moments of just being happy.  It takes  a moment to experience simple joys.   Barefoot, while the sun touches your face and you hear the sound of the gentle waves.  The sea beckons  in all its glory.


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Happiness is a choice. Always choose to be happy.

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I remember a friend who lives in Canada who said that of all the four seasons of the year, she likes Autumn best. Sure, each season has its own attraction but the play of colors that only Fall can bring fascinates her.  I’m envious, if I were there, I’ll probably take lots of pictures and document every changing color of the countryside.

You might be wondering who owns this lovely picture. A friend who lives in Netherlands is a photography buff. Whereas before she dreamed about visiting castles, she’s now living the dream because a few minutes from their place, she could always visit several ones. Her daughter enjoys traipsing around castle grounds and posing before the camera. This is located at the grounds of De Haar Castle in Haarzuilens  which is close to Utrecth.

I am imagining myself sitting on that bench either reading a book or just thinking about life – how lucky I am that I have reached this far, living a normal life again.  I could imagine myself sitting there just gazing at the still waters. It speaks of calm and serenity, two things that are sometimes lacking in this world.  The joys of  being alone in your thoughts but pregnant with meanings that only your active mind could conjure.  The joys of stillness and silence that you need everyday of your life.  The joys of spending quiet moments alone with God. How lucky could you get! But I am allowing my thoughts to wander.

I’ve neglected my favorite pastime  for two weeks now, opting to stay in front of the computer to catch on news, say hello to friends and posts some pictures of Nissa’s wedding. Reading will always be number one for me, but for the past thirty months, yes, you heard it right, thirty months, I was hooked on blogging here. More so when I accepted the “Post A Day Challenge 2011”. And I mean, I am literally blogging everyday. I am grateful though that I gained a steady readership. It’s a thrill for me when some people find my previous blogs on my journey as a cancer patient/survivor. I love sharing with them, make their day bearable for a while by  knowing that there is life after surgery and treatment. There is hope that one would get well to share  the journey.

Would it be early to say that I miss my daughter? I haven’t seen her since they left last Tuesday and I miss the nights that we talk about what’s happening in her office. I miss the greetings of “hello Ma” with matching kiss.

I would love to re-phrase this quote from E.B White, “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”  I would just love to enjoy the world right at this moment. I choose to dream of pleasant things that would make life worthwhile. I choose happiness over negative thoughts that sometimes linger in my mind.  I choose Today, I choose Serenity!


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