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Yesterday,our little Nate turned two and we celebrated it quietly at home with a birthday lunch. Today, Josef and I visited their place to share another celebration with my son-in-law’s family. He finally got  to blow  a candle on his cake and mingle with other kids and his cousins. I think he enjoyed himself blowing the  #2 candle several times while Nissa took pictures. We’re teaching him how to answer  “I am two years old” with matching  index and middle fingers raised like a  letter V.

Did I tell you that I am afraid to take a commute alone when going to far places?  Most of the time, when Josef is free, we go together. After attending the early morning mass, we met at the EDSA Shrine. He came straight from a night shift  and it would save time than for me to wait for him to come home.  Going to Manila even on a Sunday is quite a challenge to one’s patience. I thought, people were out of the streets since for every scheduled Manny Pacquiao fight there is no traffic. It was the exact opposite though so we took the train (MRT) from Ortigas to Taft Avenue, another connecting train ride  (LRT 1) to Tayuman where we took a 10-minute jeepney commute to go to Tondo. On our way home, we  did the same,  taking LRT 1 to Doroteo Jose station then transferred to LRT 2 until we reached Santolan, the end station on the eastern side of Manila.  Josef laughingly told me that finally, I have  experienced going around all the stations of the  metro rail and light rail transits. Hooray!  Honestly, it is a bit hard to climb stairs to get to the next connecting ride.  Oh, my poor knees! Why are all the escalators not functioning? I can imagine the hardship of everyday ride for our public commuters but I  guess, it is the best option than taking a bus which also takes forever because of the traffic. Metro Manila is so congested.

So what’s new? Every year the government thinks of expanding the roads (and they do causing more traffic) but every year there are new cars too, truck bans are out of this world, smoke belching is an accepted norm and yes, sometimes traffic enforcers are not doing their jobs well.  If I can help it, I don’t like being in  a crowd of commuters, bumping elbows, jostling one another although at times it is more practical to commute than to bring a car where you’ll be stuck in traffic. The Metro Manila Development Authority and the big shopping malls in Metro Manila have agreed to adjust their opening time from 10am to 11am and they close at 11pm. I guess that is only for the Christmas season.  The big question is, will it change the traffic situation?

By the way, congratulations Manny! I wonder what Mayweather is thinking now.


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Okay, okay, in the Twitter world and Facebook, every post on my news feed is all about the controversial win of Bradley over Manny Pacquiao.  I’ve watched the fight too and even a neophyte viewer in boxing clearly knew who won. Bradley might have scored in three or four rounds but that’s just about it. Whereas before I always looked forward to watching our Pambansang Kamao in all his fights, I am now convinced that the boxing world is as dirty as politics here in our country and it all boils down to money. Pacquaio’s promoter must be laughing his way to the bank  with lots of money to boot. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it because even the seasoned boxing fighters say that this is the worst decision ever made in the history of boxing.

Well, enough said. What I admire most in Manny Pacquaio is his humility and the grace he accepted his defeat. You have nothing more to prove to them Manny, why not make a graceful exit and concentrate on helping your constituents  by being a better politician because you have shown the world that you are the best fighter there is? Concentrate on your new-found love of helping other people get closer to God.  Personally I think, this is an eye opener for you and for all Filipinos.  There is something good that would come out of this because God has better plans. As Paulo Coelho says, “But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you’re fighting for.”

Because in our hearts, you’re the winner Manny!

From WordPress:

Goal of 930 Posts Completed. Congratulations!


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So our champion  and Pinoy Pride Manny Pacquiao has finally met the US President Barack Obama. He is “big news” wherever he go.  According to the news, he was a knockout during his visit  to  Capitol Hill.  He is a member of the Lower House  and eight-term world boxing champion. The good thing is, he remains humble despite his success endearing him to the hearts of all Filipinos. He said that he will fight Floyd Mayweather. Show them Manny, go fight.

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You’ve done it again.  You have made Filipinos proud, and yet you remain humble, keeping that steadfast faith in God!

Rico Hizon, a  Filipino newscaster at BBC News has this to say:

Faith in God.  Love for Family.  Love for Country.  Commitment to his craft as a boxer. a man with a lot of heart.  – the formula for success of the one and only  ‘pambansang kamao” Manny Pacquiao  who won a record 8th World Championships in 8 weight divisions.

We are proud of you Manny!

(Photo Courtesy of ESPN)

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