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Happy Epiphany Sunday.

It’s the last time I  am going to say  “Merry Christmas”, until next December.  Catholics used to celebrate Epiphany during January 6 of the year but it was later changed to the first Sunday which may fall any time from January 2  to January  8.  Why was it changed? After Vatican II, some local episcopal conferences decided that it wasn’t advisable to  mandate people to attend mass every January 6  of the year. Hence, it is now celebrated the  first Sunday of January.

We attended mass at 6:30 am then later gardened for a while after breakfast.  I have to remove the old sweet potato vines and plant new ones. I added some okra beside the  new ones.   We have to trim the bleeding hearts too since they invaded some branches of our jackfruit trees.  Josef removed the African rose altogether since it is so invasive. I love its orange flowers though. I used to grow it in pots but lately, it even broke the  container pot where it was planted.  Gardening at 9 am with the sun on one’s back is  quite difficult but I have to take advantage of Josef’s free time. We were done after two hours.

Found a small guava growing near the perimeter fence.  The old tree is almost dying but Josef picked two guava fruits earlier.  What a nice surprise!

I am into my second book  this year, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.  It’s Goodreads’ Choice Award for Best Fiction  2017.  It’s my first book of Celeste Ng. I am still trying to find copies of more classic books that I haven’t read yet.  I love this quote from the book:

“It came, over and over, down to this: What made someone a mother? Was it biology alone, or was it love?” 

I think motherhood is more about love. It is  a privilege. a glorious blessing.

Happy Sunday everyone.



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I think I need another eye refraction. I was eyeing the optical shop yesterday while I had the battery of my wrist watched changed. Sometimes I get eye strain while reading and typing in small fonts.

I have just customized my blog. I changed the background color, used the default  them font and changed to PT Serif in huge letters. Hence, this. I could see my blog posts clearly now. It’s kind of difficult to read other themes where the colors are so pale  and small.  PT  Serif is a little nicer though.  Maybe, I’ll have this in the next few months or a year.

Josef and Jovy joined this morning’s MacDonald’s Stripes Run at BGC  (Bonifacio Global City) where they work.  Registration fee was P500 for the 3k event distance and that includes Race Bib, Stripes Run Shirt, 1 pair of Striped Socks and McDonald’s Breakfast Meal.  Fun runs are a  good exercise as long as you are fit enough to run a mile or two.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.  They lighted the first  Advent candle during the mass. The word “Advent” is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming,” which is a translation of the Greek word parousia.  The Advent season lasts for four Sundays leading to the celebration of Christmas.  Last night,  I noticed  the absence of the little kids who  walk from house to house to do their bit of caroling. Never mind that sometimes they are out of tune. They bring old tin cans as accompaniments to their songs.  There were those times when the door bell would ring constantly  and you would hear loud voices greeting you “Merry Christmas”. It’s barely 22 days to go.

Nate and Nissa

Nissa and Nate’s latest pic before the morning mass today at Manila Cathedral, Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Happy  Sunday all.

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last week  in the liturgical calendar.  It is the  Solemnity of  Christ the King which we call Cristo Rey.   Next Sunday is the beginning of the Advent season. Advent is  four weeks of preparation for  Christmas.

We will be celebrating our town fiesta come December 1. Yesterday morning, they have this fun run for the youth of Cainta and some streets were blocked.   Walking was the only option for commuters because of the traffic. It was a small sacrifice though, it only happens once a year. Watching the youth run for a cause was such fun and you wished you had the energy to join but having those aches and pains of old age  hinder you from doing it.  Really looking forward to the celebration. I am pretty sure they’ll have this yearly showing off of the products of Cainta.  Cainta is known as the bibingka capital of the Philippines. Various sweets and delicacies abound. The town is busy at the moment.

For the past three days, I’ve read a trilogy by Mary Alice Monroe. I love those small-town stories about life, family, friendship and love. I love those beach scenes watching the world go by –  the sunrises, the sunsets, turtle hatchlings, dolphins, beach houses  and windsurfing.  I am still reading another Monroe book ,  my 7th read of this particular author. Everything is set in South Carolina.   These books remind me of those days when I was in college and finished Gone With The Wind in less than a week.  When you discover a new place , a lovely story by a new author, you  are inspired to read them all.  I have lots of books about Christmas  and how it is celebrated around the world.  It is always a joy to read such.

Maybe I’ve grown out of reading YA books. To think I was a little excited about John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down but I even couldn’t get to the middle of the story. Most readers have rated it 5 stars on Goodreads. Compared to The Fault In Our Stars, I don’t find this an engrossing read.

What have you read lately? Any recommendation?


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We just got home.

We attended the late evening mass at our village chapel and I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite priests of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross was the mass presider.  We used to attend Fr.  Leo’s Sunday masses at the nearby Parish but for the past year, we switched to  the  big church in our town. Josef loved and liked  that it is colder there.They have these super large ceiling fans. I’ve missed his uplifting and inspiring homilies all these  months. It was nice being blessed again after the mass.

It was a busy Sunday for us,  with the  “change oil” for the car and later doing the  groceries at SM Ortigas.  Yes, I already included  some groceries that we will use come December. Prices of basic commodities have gone  up again.  Some supermarkets  take advantage of the busy season where most buyers stack up on the necessary grocery items that they will use for Noche Buena.  Believe me, sometimes they are out of the shelves  when you need them.

I have a new favorite.  Every time I happen to pass by BreadTalk, I make sure that I buy even a slice of their Spring  In The City rolls. I just love it. This afternoon, I bought three. It is more costly than ordinary rolls but you get the best, freshly baked and yummy.

photo by BreadTalk

A slice of this roll is  enough for snack.  Add a cup of  freshly brewed coffee and you’re good to go. Their cheese and raisin bread is also a winner.  There are nuts inside ♥.  Sometimes you discover something to your liking and you stick to it 🙂

Remember those tea light holders that make use of tea light candles to heat the oil    made of different scents that emit those wonderful, wonderful aroma? Some holders are made of ceramics.  My goodness, the whole set  costs  the earth but I promised myself I will buy one as a birthday gift….to me of course….haha!  I have tea light holders here but the lamps are just irresistible.

How was your Sunday?



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It has become a regular thing, spending some time and eating breakfast at Jollibee every Sunday morning right after the 6:30 am mass.  I seldom cook on Sunday mornings  so it’s  either my favorite longganisa with  pouched egg and  a cup of  fried rice and hot coffee to go. Josef always orders  their jumbo hot dog with  pouched egg too  and rice. He prefers hot chocolate over coffee though. This morning, I had pancakes and a cup of hot macaroni soup to go with my coffee.  I haven’t given up on coffee yet, it’ s a perk on Sunday mornings. Jollibee’s is brewed so it is stronger.

Jollibee is a homegrown fast-food giant in the Philippines. It even has overseas branches.  Here in Metro Manila, you will see  a Jollibee outlet in almost every corner. You can even order via phone and they will deliver.  Kids know  the familiar logo of the bee.

That’s Nate  in one of Jollibee’s branches. For most kids,  going and eating at Jollibee is a great joy.  Their meals have become comfort food for some.

Going home I would buy fruits in the nearby fruit stand. It is always advisable to buy what is in season because it is cheaper. Nowadays rambutan is plenty  so with lanzones but the latter is still expensive. Of course there would always be sweet potatoes for me.  The yellow variety is sweet.

How’s your Sunday?



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Four days since my last post. Whoa, it’s kinda hard to start again. I  know, I know.  Some of you would probably  react and say, what’s four days? It’s just that I got so used to updating this site almost daily that four days  is too long for me. Blame it on a little laziness on the side. Honestly I just got engrossed reading again.  I found new titles  and new authors too. Since I am done with my Goodreads challenge I could indulge  in a little romance and suspense thrillers too.

And I’ve said before that sometimes I wonder if people read a particular book because they love and like the author or they find positive reviews about it or simply because the book is just there, handy for one to enjoy.

I am not deterred by negative reviews they give to a particular book or been influenced by the five-star rating, I’d rather want to discover it on my own. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised, you actually love the story of one which others say is not worth that much.

And I love this quote from Roald Dahl: “So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install, A lovely bookshelf on the wall.”

This is a quiet Sunday for us. Josef and I attended an anticipated mass at our Parish here in Midtown last night. It was my second time to visit the place since Nissa and I went there for their  wedding bann announcement  three months before she got married  six years ago.  Wow, the church is lovely. We usually attend mass at the town proper every  Sunday but we have to do the marketing early this morning.   Nate is still attending weekly workshop every Saturday  but this week it was moved to Sunday. Meeting more friends in the process, kids close to his age.  Talked to him for a while  when they were there. It’s always nice to hear his voice saying “Hello Nonna”.

I found myself watching  a Hallmark movie on YouTube  the other night. Son encouraged me to discover those lovely films but I am not much of a film or  television watcher. I must say, the craving is seasonal well except when there are  Senate hearings. The antics of those clinging to the powers that be…the nerve. I won’t dwell on this, it is exhausting and stressful.

I hope your weekend was lovely 🙂


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Yes, it’s Sunday.

We attended mass a little late at 8am. My son was still snoring gently at 6am, our usual time to hear mass. It rained for a while early this morning,  a perfect time to stay a little more in bed.

What I like about  Sundays? They are relaxed days for me.  Though we only stay at home after hearing mass and do some grocery shopping, I still love Sundays. I could check those blogs I follow and discover new ones. I love reading their posts, looking at the photographs, learning and admiring new places and learning a lot from some sojourners too. It’s a perfect day to really catch up on more chapters of a book you love.  Oh yes, chatting with friends online.

What’s your Sunday like?

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