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I know some of you would now be counting not days but a few more hours until the last leaf of the calendar changes to another year. We greet each other happy new year. We find ways to celebrate and welcome a new chapter in our lives. We  are grateful for the year that is about to become history and welcome with open arms what 2015 will bring.

For those of you who regularly read my posts here, you may remember that I always greet and welcome another year in my life during my birthday and that is self-explanatory I guess. We count the years, comparing notes on what event touched us the most or what experience taught us the greatest lesson. We remember them sometimes with a pasted smile on our faces. Would that be what life is all about?

Being optimistic might mean a different thing from being happy.  The journeys we take are sometimes so rocky that we think they are just long roads without end. Strength comes in the face of adversity. We will never know how strong we are until we face something life-changing, something we never thought would happen, something that would change our attitude towards life.


I am grateful for everything happening in my life. No matter how mundane and boring it may seem to some people and trite as it may sound, life is what you make it.  Happiness does not come in pretty ribbons and  gaily colored  and wrapped packages. Happiness comes in simple things – love of family, friends, health, faith and a strong belief that there is Someone up there who will always  guide and love you despite your inadequacies and frailty.

I am grateful  for the things that happened in the past that hurt me so much but taught me how to cope and how to dream and believe.  Sometimes, I am reduced to tears just knowing that I could be strong too and could survive all the upheavals thrown my way. It is the joy in  knowing that the days ahead could be better than yesterday.

I look forward to 2015 with anticipation and look back with fondness to the days that I laughed and I cried and been blessed with so much happiness.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt


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