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Happy New Year to our Chinese friends out there.  In Chinese, they say, ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi!’  I don’t really know how they celebrate the event but I am sure tikoy, that rich and sweet rice cake will be on every table. For us,  when you see tikoy in supermarkets, then Chinese New year is near. Here in Manila, celebration is more felt in Chinatown, more popularly  known as Binondo. It’s the center of commerce for  the Filipino-Chinese community. Before my daughter got married two years ago, I had the chance to take pictures of the place, here are the links:

Exploring Binondo On Foot.
Binondo in Pictures.

And I listened  to a radio guest discuss about the Chinese zodiac this morning. Though I don’t believe in Chinese feng sui, I  smiled when he said that the Monkey is the luckiest sign this 2013. He said further that 2013 would truly be a fantastic year. Define fantastic! I  was born in the year of the monkey fire, that’s why.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  It’s the year of the snake.

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