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Perhaps all of you are familiar with this saying, “If there’s a  will, there’s a way”

It came to mind while I was watching the early morning news on television. I am not really a regular TV watcher, if  ever I do,  I watch news. They interviewed this guy who is a new graduate of Electrical  Engineering. Robin Lee Metiam’s story went viral on the internet  when he narrated  that he only had P20 pesos every day in his pocket. He did it for five years. Sometimes he walked in going home and bought street food for snacks.  When he was in his third year, he applied for a scholarship at DOST (Department of Science and Technology). It came with free tuition and P5,000.00  pesos monthly allowance.  Out of this amount, he helped his family survive and his allowance remained at P20.00 pesos until he graduated from college.  What an inspiring achievement!

Back in 1969, I was in first year high school. Bus fare back then was 10 cents.  I had an allowance of P1.00 everyday and that would include something for snacks and for emergencies. When I was in college, I worked for almost three years at the University of Santo Tomas  Main Library to help my family with college expenses. Those  were the best years of my student life, I think. I got to meet lots of professors and students and met library colleagues who are still my friends until now. You learn the value of money and responsible spending once you start earning on your own. You learn the importance of saving a little in your pocket.  I stopped working when I took up a major course in Economics. It was something I’ve missed until I graduated. In economic parlance, we were taught to save first before spending.  Working in a bank later made me more conscious of how to spend and how to save some for rainy days.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

I believe so too.  Even if you have enough but you don’t have the desire to succeed, you won’t. I know of some people whose family are well off and they rely on their parents  in everything they need.   There are lots of people who struggle for daily needs. The will to survive will always be there.


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