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I seldom re-blog a post, all I do is share a link to a previous blog that everyone can visit and read if they want.  I am just so proud of my daughter that she accomplished something that made a difference to a life of a child whose parents didn’t have enough means to send him through school.  Yesterday, she posted this on her timeline and I was simply glad for her. She felt so thankful and blessed.

a copy of a letter she received from World Vision...

a copy of a letter she received from World Vision…

Here’s a link to my earlier blog on the child she sponsored several years ago. John Mark or JM (as we fondly call him) was just in third grade when Nissa  started the sponsorship. She used to send him gifts at the start of the school year, school supplies and other things that would help him in his studies. During Christmas break, she sent an extra cash as gift. Word Vision does not allow direct contact with the child, they took charge of sending letters and receiving gifts for the child. I remember that we always looked forward to those times that she receive a letter from him.

I do think that you are several times blessed when you make a difference in the life of someone no matter how small it is.

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Let’s simply call him JM. The first time I’ve seen his picture, he was a skinny  nine-year old and  was one of probably more than a thousand children being cared for by World Vision. World Vision is an international  Christian development organization committed to uplift the lives of less fortunate people and communities in more than ninety countries worldwide. Sponsors give  a monthly allowance to their chosen child.

It has been my daughter’s  dream to help somebody at this organization once she gets promoted in her work. So five years ago, she decided to sponsor a child from the Southern part of the Philippines.  She came home one day proudly showing a picture of a skinny but good-looking nine-year-old child named JM.  She told me that as long as she can afford to, she would continue to help JM with his studies. I asked her how she came to choose him and she said that his birthday is two days earlier than hers and his record was on top of the voluminous files of children waiting for someone who would sponsor them. Back then, we were all excited to know this child and  we were happy to receive letters, report cards, pictures and Christmas greetings. I asked her if there is any chance for us to see him personally. It could be arranged by World Vision but they don’t allow sponsors to go directly to the place where the child lives. Mindanao is a bit far.

The child is now in high school and he is getting to be a good-looking  teenager.  Last November when Nissa got married, he sent a letter congratulating her and his new Kuya.  It’s always nice to receive something from him, watching his progress in his studies and how the meager monthly allowance he receives spell the big difference keeping him in school . Nissa promised to sponsor him as long as she could afford it  and maybe one day, we’ll be given a chance to meet him personally. Who knows?

There are so many children living in poverty whose hope lies in other people’s help. There are so many out of school youth who simply need guidance in the right direction for them to be able to uplift themselves from poverty. And as long as you have that vision, that dream to study, God will make a way. And when  you stay focused on the dream, everything is possible.  It’s a grace to receive help from others but it is even more noble to do something good that you know can never be repaid.  I admire my daughter for keeping her promise of sponsoring JM. At her young age, she is helping shape the future of a child and in her own small way, she is planting a ray and a vision of hope for JM.

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”



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