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Tomorrow is the beginning of the BER months.

I know some of you will probably react and say, “it’s too early yet”. On Facebook, I saw several photos of our talented composer and singer Jose Mari Chan with captions like”lalabas na ba ako?”, “I’m coming”, “eto na”. All speak on the anticipation of Christmas. I’ve told you in my previous blog posts that we celebrate it the longest in this neck of the woods.

Jose Mari Chan is a Filipino pop singer, composer, TV host, endorser and a business man in the sugar industry. He is well known in those lovely Christmas carols that Filipinos love.

Pandemic? Yes it has changed our outlook in life, changed our priorities, changed how we view our health. We have become so conscious of it but still this virus is wrecking havoc in this world. Last year, I didn’t think of putting up Christmas decorations but I bought family gifts early braving one morning at the mall. This time though, although I am fully vaccinated and had Covid four months ago, I am afraid to go out. We could still celebrate Christmas quietly, attending evening masses online and buying small gifts to celebrate the season with the family.

Christmas is the season for rejoicing. Jesus is coming. It’s a birthday most of us don’t want to miss.


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Hmm….it seems I could no longer duplicate the things I did back in 2011 when I joined WordPress’ Post A Day Challenge and I did it…..successfully.

Here I am again promising myself to post daily. I wish I could do it again.

Haha, I’ve been waiting for today and here it comes finally and I was not disappointed, I heard Jose Mari Chan belting out  A Perfect Christmas from a friend’s wall on Facebook.  I have always told you in my previous Christmas posts over the years that we have the longest celebration of the season. It might be different this year because of Covid-19, so many people are left jobless but we could still celebrate without much fanfare, right? The simpler,  the better. I don’t wish for expensive gifts this year but I wish for the presence of my family including Nate of course.

I made this out of the photo I took yesterday at the garden. It’s my blooming Bleeding Heart.

Despite this pandemic, we still have something to look forward to…..Christmas!




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Welcome September

Hello September!

How time really flies and some of you would probably react and say it is too early yet to greet you  “Merry Christmas”. In our part of the world, Christmas celebration starts as early as September and ends up as late as February of the following year but you  have probably read that in my earlier posts. There is that welcome anticipation on what the rest of the year will bring. Sometimes though, September is wrought by rainy days, flash floods, typhoons but there  is that comforting thought that when the BER months come, happy days are here again because no matter what life brings, there is always that something to look forward to, a celebration with families and friends.

By the way, thank you so much for visiting my blog, for all your likes and lovely comments. I think I have reached a milestone  with 350,399 hits. This made me smile 🙂

Welcome September!

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