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Went to bed late but had to wake up early for New Year’s mass.  Gosh, can’t believe it is now 2018. It does not only fly, it rolls fast too.

Christmas is still until Epiphany but we had to clean the house and store all the  Christmas trimmings we took out more than a month ago. Our Christmas tree is back to its old box.  I could not  dismantle everything without Josef and he has to report to work tomorrow hence we have to keep them early. I think it is more difficult to bring them back to their proper places than when we have them taken  out for Christmas. Every year, something is added to the pile.

I changed curtains and bed sheets. The smoke and smog  from the firecrackers lit by some neighbors to welcome the new year  made the house a little dirty. Compared to last year where our place was like a war zone, this time they stopped early. There is actually a firecracker ban in our country. an executive order was signed last June which confines the use of pyrotechnics to  some areas to lessen the risk of injuries.

I laughed when Mom said I should not be washing those curtains and bed sheets on a New Year.  She said further that  we should celebrate New Year by resting.  I actually loaded the first batch of laundry in the washing machine earlier. Can’t help it, I don’t want to be lazy on the first day of the year…haha!

A friend asked me if I keep a New Year resolution. I used to but not anymore. I can’t keep them anyway. I’ll just be thankful for everyday graces and blessings.

For the year that was, thank you. For all that will be, a big YES.







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