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Here is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This may come a bit late but I love the message it brings. Water is one of the most important substances  in our life. We cannot survive if there is no water.

I remember the time I took this shot. My two kids and I celebrated Mother’s Day by dining out and visiting a zoo. Surprisingly, though at that time they were no longer little kids, we all enjoyed feeding the rabbits, seeing so many bird species and animals that we only saw on picture books when they were small.



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Street life

I wish I could take more  street photography. This was actually my first attempt a few years ago one afternoon in front of the Antipolo Cathedral.  These two sell sampaguita flowers for their daily living. You’ll wonder how much they earn a day toiling under  the heat of the sun. Life is hard but they embrace it with big smiles. There is always hope for those who believe that given life’s circumstances and despite all the odds, they get by.

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It’s been a while since I last posted something here for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Sometimes, I just forget, at other times, I don’t have the resource photo to upload here. I have several shots on this subject but I’d like to zero in on this particular shot since it makes me remember those days that we used to visit several Catholic churches for our Visita Iglesia during the season of Lent.

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A single rose can be my garden…a single friend, my world. – Leo Buscaglia


It’s been a while since I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge. I haven’t even been taking pictures lately. It’s an activity that I truly miss. There are so few blooms now in my garden but I still enjoy the peace and quiet that it brings. Life could be stressful at times and I need to see just one lovely bloom  and my day would be complete.

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weekly photo challenge

The  anticipation

And the excitement

That an early morning brings –

Feeling the sun on your face

And silence whispers,

“What a beautiful world.”

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This comes a bit late I guess,  but I love the weekly photo challenge for this week. It connotes a lot of things,and  I would like to share two shots I took of my favorite places which I still visit every now and then, when  I have time.

Sto. Domingo

I love this clean look of the long corridor of  Santo Domingo Church leading to the  main altar. There was a time when we used to come here a lot to visit my adopted son who is now a Dominican priest.  It is the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.


And this is Santisimo Rosario Parish, located inside the campus of the University of Santo Tomas where I spent my  high school and college years. For us Thomasians, it is simply called the UST Chapel.  Back when I was a student, I used to attend daily student masses here.



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I always love blogging about the sea, seeing it  in all its glory and angst but I seldom have the opportunity to visit one as often as I want.  Here are some pictures of Capones Island, in San Antonio, Zambales. It’s an uninhabited paradise that boasts of a long stretch of white sand beach and rocky cliffs and clear turquoise waters and azure sky.  Wouldn’t you want to stay here for a while and commune with nature at its best?


(kindly click each picture to enlarge)

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That moment when   the clouds hide  the sun’s brilliance but then you know that in a while, the dazzling light would show its face  and everything in your world would be right again. Life shadows are there to show us a promise of what is to come – maybe, something new to discover, to appreciate and admire.

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Can’t think of a better subject to represent this week’s challenge than taking shots of my garden and the flowers  and plants growing there.  Something fresh that would greet you each morning, something that reminds you that every day there is a treasure to find, in simple and small things.





For more of this, you may follow this link.

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I wonder if I’ll be able to interpret this subject, companionable. It’s an adjective that simply says sociable, congenial or suited to be a good companion.  Some of us would probably interpret it  by posting shots of our pets licking our faces or just playing rough with us. Some may post something about two or more friends having the time of their lives celebrating  an occasion that is important to them . Or maybe it could be a load of books waiting to be explored.

I’ve always dreamed of doing street photography but then I am not that much adventurous when it comes to going to places not familiar to me. There are times  though, that you’ll have that perfect moment to explore and take  a  shot.  The simplicity of life, an afternoon of fun, shared moments of bliss.


Contemplating life or just plain enjoying the company of each other while eating their favorite snacks?  And it seems he is not bothered by  just having a slipper on one foot.

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