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Did you watch the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan?

I watched  the  parade of cars going to the church and when the two exchanged their  vows. In between, I went back and forth to watch the proceedings. What I noticed though was  Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland  who escorted  Meghan going to the Windsor Castle.

Now and then, the camera would focus on her and you can see the countenance of a proud  and loving mom, a strong woman, a bit shy looking at the camera with tears in her eyes. It clearly shows the love of a mother to her loving child. In any part of the world, when love is celebrated via a wedding we sometimes get teary-eyed. Never mind if it is done in a simple chapel or church or in  the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world.  And it is even more touching when your daughter becomes a real princess. Not everyone dreams of this scenario but every mother dreams of her daughter walking down the aisle  to be wed to a man she loves.

I remember when Nissa got married almost seven years ago. I didn’t actually cry at the wedding but cried a lot when they went on a honeymoon,  then came back to get her things at the house for good.  Gone were the late mornings waking up during weekends and preparing  simple breakfast together. Gone were the days when she would sing non-stop while cleaning the house on weekends. I learned to adjust through time and when she told us that she was on the family way a few months after and when we all watched together the sonogram of our baby Nate inside, I could not really explain what I felt. Joy that we were having a grandson at last and apprehension on the childbirth. Nissa was born premature at only 3.9 lbs. and she was left at the hospital for a month when I came home. The agony of seeing her laboring for almost twenty-four hours only to be told that she would deliver via a C-section.  Nate had sepsis when he was born and like Nissa, he was left at the hospital for more than two weeks. Now we have a healthy, smart and active big boy Nate. He turned five last November.

Watching your child grow, knowing that you raised him/her well is the ultimate  in being a mother.

Mitch Albom in his book For One More Day said it simply: ” But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where“ yours begin.” 

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They are also dreaming of that “forever” thing which I think  seems quite impossible in today’s world. Let them dream though. Sometimes, life is made of those little things , those seemingly impossible ones but give meaning to what is at hand.

My daughter Nissa and son-in-law Obet stood as cord sponsors to their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. They marched after the  principal sponsors. It was lovely to see when the main door finally opened and  the bride marched along. My grandson Nate was the ring bearer.

Nissa made the cord personally using swarovski crystals and rice pearls done in ecru and white, the theme of the wedding.  She has made many of this in different designs and colors for their own wedding almost seven years ago and for her close friends.

A good memory lasts, captured in those lovely photographs.

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Getting married will always be a happy occasion. I didn’t know of any instance where  some people were sad about it. Unless of course, and maybe if it is a shotgun wedding so to speak. Or maybe someone who was involved before with one of the couple has an axe to grind.

Last Tuesday,  my two kids  and son-in-law went on vacation leave to attend a wedding.  Nissa and Obet just waited for Nate for his class to finish then they proceeded to our place so we could all attend my niece’s wedding. It was held at Jardin de Miramar in Antipolo City. It was a lovely celebration,  a coming  together of two people very much in love with each other.

So what’s  it with getting married?  It is a wonderful occasion, right?  When we are sure that the guy or woman is really the one for us,  marriage will always be in the offing. We will never know though whether it will last a life time or you get  separated in the middle of it.   Married life is always a work in progress no matter how long you’ve been together, no matter how compatible you think you must be.    Mom and dad had a wonderful married life for fifty five years until Dad got sick of end stage renal disease and passed on one December day in 2007. I didn’t see them raise their voices to each other throughout their married life. I didn’t see them quarrel in front of us.

Is there really such a thing as “marriage made in heaven”? How do we know it will last? Why do we cry during a wedding ceremony? I know most of us cry because we are glad and happy for the couple. They are tears of joy.  We are touched by the joyful celebration. We wish  them with joyous hope that their wedding vows would be for keeps.

Weddings, anyone?

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My heart to you is given:
Oh, do give yours to me;
We’ll lock them up together,
And throw away the key.
~Frederick Saunders

While we were attending mass this morning, Nissa and I could not help but react to the gospel today – the five foolish maidens and the five wise ones.The latter were prepared to meet the bridegroom while the former did not bring enough oil to light their lamps. It is a parable that speaks of being prepared always for any eventualities that come in our life. It somehow reminds me of our own preparation for her wedding this coming Sunday. Although I know that she is a very good organizer and she is in control, I told her to make a list of the things we have to bring to the hotel when we check in the day before her wedding. I suggested that  we go over everything before we leave.  We have to double-check that list one more time. She has transferred responsibility to the event planner/organizer as regards the suppliers and last-minute phone calls that need to be done. Her college buddies are giving her bridal shower today.

I was looking for that perfect card that would go with my planned blog which I would like to share with them on Sunday, a sort of letter for them both. Dinner after the wedding will be accompanied by a short program where both sides of the family will be required to say a few words, sort of  “welcome to the family” speech. Nissa asked me if I could deliver a few lines and I told her I will try.  Some friends are teasing me that definitely, I will cry when she gets married so I told them that I think it is a normal reaction of a mother who after twenty-nine years would finally be separated from a loving daughter who  will be leading a new life with her husband. But I assured them, it would be tears of joy and not anything else. Weddings are happy occasions, I said. We will be gaining a son and I guess, that’s one good reason to celebrate.

I am also excited to meet Josh, the musician whom  a friend recommended. I love listening to soft instrumental music.  And I am excited to listen to the songs chosen by Nissa which they will play in church and at the wedding reception.

And it’s six days to go before the day. Do I sound like a child waiting for Christmas?

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