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What a nice surprise!

I saw these several photos of my old school posted by a friend from our barangay in our town. They bring back memories although the school now is not what it was like before. Back in our time, in the mid-sixties, we only had two school rooms serving students from grade one to grade four. There were two teachers assigned.  Two grades were combined in one school room. One of our teachers was Mom’s first cousin who used to teach the higher two grades. Looking back, I wonder how we survived but we did. When our grade was doing written works, the teacher used his time to teach subjects in the other grade.  Twice a week, we would uproot weeds in the school yard and every morning, there were students assigned to water the plants usually during summer. Grade five and grade six were spent at the town’s elementary school which was a whole lot bigger than our school in the barangay.

The school has several rooms now equipped with computers, projectors and school chairs and yes, several teachers too. Back in our time, we had those old fashioned desks, two students in each desk. Then when we were in grade three and four, we had those long, long tables and benches for school desks.

I graduated in grade school back in 1969 and Dad who was then working at the high school department of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila enrolled us there during our high school years. The four of us siblings all graduated in high school there and two of us, my youngest brother and I spent our college years in the same university. My two brothers transferred to other schools.

It’s been decades  and it feels quite nostalgic.



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Yes, feeling a bit nostalgic this gloomy Monday morning. I was looking at the photos in my library then I again saw these photos of Nate and Obet which Nissa calls in a series, Grow Tall Little Man. I’ve blogged about them before.

He is definitely growing and getting tall for his age. I was even surprised with some of his photos with those subdued smiles. He is missing two front teeth. Another milestone 🙂  Time flies really!


And in between those days and years, we are learning a lot too. Valuing time, spending those moments together, making memories. And he reads real books now – amazing! If I remember my grade school years, I was just learning to read and write my ABCs when I was more than six, like Nate’s age now.

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