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Amazed, overjoyed, uplifted, inspired.

The past several days since the official start of the campaign period, I watched the sorties of VP LENI in several towns in Bicol (she is a Bicolana), Batangas, Laguna, Bataan and this morning at the QC Circle in Quezon City.

Imagine the crowd in every place that her team visits, simply amazing. Reading and blogging went to the backseat the past several days. Could not get enough of the news on VP LENI. If I were five or ten years younger and my immunity won’t be compromised, I’ll be there. I experienced throwing confettis, attending rallies and programs at Ayala Avenue when Ninoy Aquino died and we were so dismayed at the result of an election where Marcos won again. That was the start of the Edsa People Power Revolution. People though easily forgets that we ousted Marcos in 1986. Now another Marcos (his son) is seeking the presidency. We could not afford another Marcos in our midst. We could not afford a liar. They haven’t returned their multi-billion loot from the country’s coffers several years ago.

I copied some photos of the crowd at QC Circle this morning. How I wish I could share all of them with you. This is the first time in the history of Philippine elections that the voters are spending their own money to help VP LENI win.

One of my profile pics that a friend made for me last week.
Some are under those trees. And this is just one area of Quezon City. (Photo credit to the owner).


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How long has it been since I last posted here? It’s more than a week I guess. I even forgot making a blog at the end of January and greeting the new month of February. Blogging has taken a back seat for a while. Haven’t even visited those blogs I regularly read. Sorry for that.

Tomorrow is the start of the ninety days campaign period in the national level until our election day on May 9. Been busy watching those presidential interviews by different broadcasters. I AM FOR VP LENI ROBREDO. No doubt about that. She is vying for the presidency along with nine other candidates although it seems that is a fight between her and another Marcos. It’s between LIES AND TRUTH. Marcos junior insists that he graduated at Oxford but the truth is he only stayed there for a year and just earned a diploma and not a degree. He enrolled at St. Edmund Hall Oxford. His false claim that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in PPE is laughable. He passed Philosophy but failed in Economics and Politics. He didn’t pay his taxes when his father was president. Comelec has yet to decide whether he’ll be disqualified or not. The remaining commissioners are all duterte appointees.

VP Robredo earned her degree in Economics from University of the Philippines Diliman and studied law at the University of Nueva Caceres. She passed the bar exams in 1997. Participatory governance and transparency are major thrusts of VP Robredo’s legislative agenda. She is the only working vice-president of the country despite the very small budget given to the Office of the Vice-President.

It’s only now that almost everywhere, people are going out of their way to campaign for her with their own resources. We call our selves kakampinks. Pink is the color of hope.


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I seldom write political posts nowadays because I feel digusted with the present administration with their president throwing everything except the kitchen towel to those he thinks are his enemy including the Senate lately.

We will be having our presidential election come May next year. And these politicians were busy declaring their candidacy the last few days except for VP LENI ROBREDO who declared her desire to run early this morning.

I’ve waited with bated breath along with people who after more than five years have given up on the present administration. At around 11am after a short inspiring speech, she declared that she is running for the presidency. There is still hope for us afterall.

She chose a pink ribbon, the color of hope, the color which says Laban Leni. Praying we will win and she will win. Pink is the color of the day.

I do remember what she said more than five years ago when she won the vice-presidency. THE LAST MAN STANDING IS A WOMAN.

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