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Don’t laugh…it’s not what you think! Two nights ago (how would you categorize 3:45am…between night and morn?) I woke up to the reflection of the  full moon on my bedroom window.  Everything was bathed in soft light and I just could not resist going to the garden and gazing at the moon. I thought it was too late to go back to bed and still too early to prepare breakfast. Yes, why not, why not take the chance of taking a few shots with only the street lights and the light in our dining  area reflecting its glow at our french windows? Crazy? Well, it was another experiment that I am glad I did.



I like this actually because it turned out like a black and white picture with my gardenia shrub on the foreground.


And this came as a bonus. My Vanda blooms turned out pretty well on a dark background.

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I am really proud of this  since it was the first time that my Vanda orchid  growing on our avocado tree produced  these lovely blooms. What is left of our avocado now are just the trunks holding three Vanda orchids which I bought years ago as saplings. I really don’t use flower booster since they come in expensive packets here. A  month ago, I noticed  buds  just breaking into beautiful red-orange blooms.  Maybe it’s time to propagate the stems with protruding roots. And did you know that Vanda is just an Indian word for orchids?


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