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Back in March, I blogged about  The UST Dominican Cross, a part of University of Santo Tomas’ celebration of its 400th year and an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record.  Here is an official announcement from the university and a link from the Guinness  site.

The largest human cross was achieved by 13,266 participants at an event organised by the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) in Manila, Philippines, on 9 March 2011.

Go USTe! Proud to be a Thomasian!

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The Thomasians did it again. It was an estimated gathering of 24,000 students, faculty members and UST staff at the UST  Field to form the black and white Dominican Cross. It symbolizes the Catholic and Dominican identity of the University of Santo Tomas. the even was meant to highlight

penance in the season of Lent and as part of the 400 years celebration of the university. Fr. Winston Cabading, OP said that this is also UST’s attempt to rewrite the Guiness Book of World Records by forming a Dominican Cross.

Proud to be a Thomasian!

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Time flies, certainly!  We had our informal high school reunion yesterday at one of our batchmates’ s house in Quezon City.  Though it was  not the  first time we had it, it was the first time since our high school graduation that I met some of our classmates.   It was almost 38 years and we were just in our teens when we graduated from high school. Most of them are now proud grandparents!   One of the regular attendees is a four-year old grandson of one of our batch mates.  He practically grew up with the batch and is familiar with almost every one.  I call him our “reunion baby”.

Our reunions always start with a Thanksgiving Mass and end with so much laughter, reminiscing the good old days and sometimes remembering events  and our beloved teachers.  It’s about cherishing getting older and humming songs of yesteryears,  updating each other on the latest happenings in our lives, hours of bantering, exchanging jokes and laughter.  Not to be left of course is the scrumptious  lunch or dinner for the batch.   UST Education High School – part of history, part of a Pontifical, Royal Catholic University in the Philippines.

It may take years before we see some of our classmates again but the friendship, camaraderie and sense of belonging  are what we will always cherish in our hearts.

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And I thought the fireworks the other night are lovely but this is even more beautiful –  the culmination of the week-long celebration of the 400th year of University of Santo Tomas – UST Quadricentennial Alumni Night Pyromusical!

Go USTe, Viva Santo Tomas, Proud to be a Thomasian!

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It will be our fourth high school reunion  this coming Saturday, January 29, 2011  which will be held at 11am at one of our high school batchmate’s house in Tandang Sora (still in connection with the 400th celebration of our beloved university).  Since we found each other again in 2003 (our first reunion),  we’ve been in touch via an e-group at Yahoo and we were able to find those whom we haven’t seen since our high school graduation back in 1973.  I think more than half of our batch are now living abroad so it’s kind of  hard to see each other unless they go home and spend a few hours with the remaining members of our batch.   Though sometimes, some of our classmates hold instant get-together, we  are never in complete attendance. It would be nice to be able to  see them again after  two years.  Most of us are now on Facebook, but there is something more inviting and pleasant than just having those chats once in a while or sending those private message now and then, it’s called high school reunion.  Seeing them face to face is  of course a welcome bonus. High school reunions are more fun than probably attending college get-together. Come to think of it, I have only two close college classmates, the rest I have yet to meet again since our college graduation back in 1978.

This week marks a series of events to commemorate our 400th anniversary celebration of the university.  When I think of the days and years that I was  in UST, I can’t help but feel nostalgic and  happy to share these events with everyone.  My Christian values were enhanced further when I was studying there.  There is a certain kind of pride and gratitude that I was given the chance to study in a Pontifical, Royal and Catholic institution that speaks so much of  history and tradition and as they say, “400 years of unending grace.”

Revisiting the place, walking its halls once more, and appreciating the years of stay here and just plain reminiscing – I guess that’s what reunion is all about.

Our high school class picture during our senior year!

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Go USTe!

And here’s the firework display that they did last night, during the countdown.

400 years of unending grace….

UST Hymn, a nostalgic song which I learned since high school…

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Pardon me for not being able to blog tonight, I am busy watching the Quadricentennial celebration of my alma mater,  University of Santo Tomas. I am so excited to see and witness the countdown until 12am.  It’s another milestone,  another history in the making. I am really proud to be called a true-blooded Thomasian!

The  unveiling of the Quattromondial Monument early tonight, one of the highlights of the UST celebration!

(photos courtesy of Fr. Nilo Lardizabal, OP)

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The  Pontifical and Royal, Catholic University in  Asia, University of Santo Tomas. 400 years of unending grace.

And starting tomorrow,  January 24, 2011 UST will open its doors to a  week- long activities  that would culminate  on January 28, 2011, our 400th year!


8:00 am UST Plaza Mayor



5:15 pm UST Chapel

January 25, 2011


7:00 pm UST Plaza Mayor

January 26, 2011


8:00 am UST Campus, University Belt


9:00 am UST Chapel


5:00 pm UST Medicine Auditorium

January 27, 2011


9:00 am UST TARC (Thomas Aquinas Research Center) Auditorium


6:30 pm Quadricentennial Square


7:00 pm UST Grandstand and Open Field

January 28, 2011


8:00 am UST Central Seminary Gymnasium


5:00 pm UST Grandstand and Open Field


7:00 pm UST Plaza Mayor and Benavides Park

January 24-27, 2011


Pope Benedict XVI has granted the University of Santo Tomas Santisimo Rosario Parish an apostolic blessing and plenary indulgence in connection with the Quadricentennial celebration of UST:

In a letter through Cardinal Fortunato Baldelli, head of the Vatican’s Apostolic Penitentiary, the Pope said he is giving a plenary indulgence on all those who will go to the UST church from January 2011-January 2012 “under the usual conditions of Sacramental Confession, Eucharistic Communion and prayers of the intentions of the Holy Father.”

Indulgence is defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a “remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven.”

The opening of the Jubilee Door tomorrow will be highlighted by the UST Quadricentennial Mass for Students at 5:15 p.m. at the UST Church with Manila Archbishop Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales as celebrant. ( source: Phil. Inquirer news)

Pope Benedict himself will deliver a special message during the mass via a video.  The UST Main Building, UST Central Library (which holds a large collection of rare books even dating back as early as 1501), the UST open grounds, the UST Central Seminary/Ecclesiastical Faculties and the UST Arch of Centuries were designated National Cultural Treasures by the government.

The Quattromondial Monument,  a ten-meter high work of art by one of the alumni of UST, Ramon Orlina, a well-known sculptor,  will be unveiled at the Quadricentennial Square  on January 27, 2011. Made of bronze and glass, the four figures represent the  young male student (modeled on Philippine actor Piolo Pascual who is an alumnus of UST,  the young female student , the Thomasian teacher and the Dominican monk-scholar which is modeled on Fr. Rolando V. dela Rosa, the present Rector of UST. The model for the teacher is no other than actress and beauty queen Charlene Gonzales-Mulach, a  UST alumna.

I spent nine years of my life in this Catholic institution and I am proud to be a Thomasian.  I just realized that this is my 400th blog at Dreams and Escapes, what a coincidence.

Here are more pictures of UST.  I just love taking shots of the nooks and crannies of the University every chance I get.  It is a photographer’s delight.

Plaza Mayor, fronting the Main Building

The UST Chapel (Santisimo Rosario Parish).  This building also houses the UST Central Seminary and the UST Ecclesiastical Faculties Lbrary

The Quadricentennial Square

UST Main Bulding

Miguel de Benavidez Library

The UST Fountain of Wisdom

The UST grounds

UST Arch of the Centuries, designated as National Cultural Treasure

St. Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Dominican Order (part of the Lumina Pandit Exhibit)

Another shot of the Quadricentennial Square

The main hall of the Miguel de Benavidez Library (formerly called UST Library)

With two close  friends,  Sr. Thea, FMM and Grace, we were former Student Librarians of UST

At the Ecclesiastical Faculties Library (I’m the one in red shirt..hehe)

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Reminiscing.  Remembering. Going back to one’s school of learning! My two close friends, Sr.  Thea, FMM and Grace  had our once-in-a- year reunion (sometimes once in two years) last January 04, 2011 and we decided to meet at UST before taking lunch later.  We retraced our steps from the Chapel (it’s actually a parish) but we were used to calling it simply the chapel back in our time.

We used to call this the Pharmacy Garden. I wonder if they have changed its name since we left UST.  The short stretch of road is the shortcut going to the chapel.

Come to think of it, I didn’t take any picture at the front of the Main Building since that has always been the focus of my camera every time I get the chance to take a few shots  here.  This is actually the back of the Main Building and at the far corner is the College of Commerce where I took  BSC Economics.   Far left is the Quadricentennial Square where you could find an interactive fountain and al fresco sites. Ramon Orlina’s sculpture, Tetraglobal was covered in blue cloth so I was not able to take shot of it.

I love this corner, it used to house the UST Main Library where I spent almost three years working as a Student Library Assistant.   Those were the days where I learned to truly be a bookworm.

Santisimo  Rosario Parish or the  Chapel,a silent witness to lots of fervent prayers everyday.  One of my favorite places in the campus.  It has undergone a facelift . Back in our time, we only had those large overhead electric fans but now, it is fully air-conditioned.

This is the main altar.  How I’ve missed this place.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

I love the intricate design of the steel doors going to the UST Seminary.  And the image of Mama Mary is simply beautiful.

This is the back of the  Miguel de Benavidez  Library where the Quadricentennial Square is located. I was aiming at the cross atop the Main Building but it was a little too far.

Couldn’t get enough..haha!

Another shot of the Chapel. This building houses the UST Central Seminary, Father’s Residence, Ecclesiastical  Faculties Library  and the Santisimo Rosario Parish.

Ah, the football field with the giant Christmas tree used during the Paskuhan 2010 and besides it is the  UST grandstand.In a few days, UST will be celebrating its Quadricentennial Year.

I am re-posting this particular shot which I took last March 2010. It’s the front view of the UST Main Building.

THE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS – The Pontifical, Royal and Catholic University of the Philippines. Proud to be a Thomasian!  Viva USTe!

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The new ABS CBN Station ID was launched today featuring   Toni Gonzaga, Gary Valenciano and the UST Singers. Yeay, proud to be a Thomasian!

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