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Today, two years ago, I embarked on a long journey not knowing where the road will end but hoping just the same that I won’t get lost along the way. I remember it was a Sunday, hubby and I were off to the Chinese General Hospital with three bags of belongings and a big pillow for comfort. I was admitted at around 3pm and scheduled for sigmoid surgery two days after. Knowing fully well that I was sick and being aware that surgery is the only way the doctors would know how far the cancer cells have invaded my body was just a drop in the bucket compared to the agony I had to go through for more than five months after my surgery.

An online friend Mary An together with her family took time to go to the hospital on the day I was admitted to deliver a lovely flower arrangement  prior to the time of our arrival.  It was a typical gesture from Mary An, she knew that I love flowers and love doing macro shots of them. Thea, my nun friend sent me text messages during the night informing me that they formed a prayer brigade in the convent.  Lovell, a seminarian friend whom I consider  a son and his group offered masses for my healing.  “How lovely”, I said to the hubby, “to have lots of friends praying for you.”  They were there not just to show support but to boost my morale. It was  the second major surgery I went through,  unlike the first one, this could  spell a big difference in my life, in our lives as a family.  I prayed for strength and courage to go on but God gave me more, He showed me  that I could bear the pain because He was there.

Last night, I had a long chat with Lovell over the phone and he asked  how I am. I told him I had bouts of urinary tract infection lately. I was struck by what he said that God must love me so much to entrust me with all these  pain and sufferings because He knows I can carry them and I have enough faith to go through life without being bitter about it. My answer was simply this, ” I lift everything to God and I am offering it all to Him.

There are times when tears flow when I think of  the days I went through the past two years. I am lucky and  I am blessed that God gave me a second chance at life.  Everything is grace.


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