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One of the many joys in going to the wet market so early in the morning is finding fresh ingredients for simple meals at home. Josef specifically requested that we buy fresh  tofu blocks. We call it tokwa in Tagalog. When you coagulate soy milk and press it into curds, tokwa is made. The usual recipe for this is it is mixed with fried pork and dipped in Philippine lime with soy sauce. We make it differently though.  Sometimes we cook it  in coconut  cream and it is a little dry when cooked.  One thing that we do is fry it to a crisp, sliced  thinly then we sauté in fresh tomatoes and ground pork. When it’s done we add in fresh, chopped Chinese parsley  or kinchay as we locally know it. Partnered with fried fish, it is a perfect meal.

Ginisang Tokwa

We had this for lunch with broiled milk fish. Oh so yummy dish. I blogged about this a long time ago with a different photo. Took this shot  with my cellphone camera.

Try it, it’s healthy.


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