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Category: Books
Genre: Nonfiction
Author: Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine

A few days ago, my daughter brought home a book which she borrowed from their Stress Management Office. My eyes got caught by the title, “what not to wear”.It’s all about the common mistakes we usually commit when dressing up or trying to be fashionable. Some people really don’t care how they look as long as they follow the fashion trend. Never mind if they have big boobs, no boobs, big arms, big butt, no waist, short legs, flabby tummy, saddlebags, short neck, or thick ankles and calves. This book explores every aspect of how to be stylish, it’s about knowing what not to wear and knowing what suits you. It’s about being honest and accepting the fact that some parts of your body aren’t really that great. Everyone of us wants to look good, who doesn’t?

The book says that “looking stylish is not about following fashion, losing weight, being rich or succumbing to the knife. It’s about dressing to show off what you love and hiding what you loathe about your body”. Here’s a summary of some of the golden rules according to Trinny and Susannah:

. for big boobs: never wear high round necks. chuck out the clothes that don’t suit you – even if you think of them as old friends. never put on underwear that’s darker than the clothes you are wearing.

. for no boobs: plunging necklines are only for perfect decollete undamaged by sun and age. flat chests need high necklines. backs are sexy alternatives, so keep them shiny and expoliated.

. for big arms: fat arms must always wear sleeves. small prints cover a multitude of flabby flesh.

. for big butts: never wear jackets that end at the butt. any panty line on the rear is revolting. hipster trousers cut your butt in half. high-waisted trousers make you butt looks huge.

. for no waist: never wear baggy sacks. deep V necks clinch the waist. all things double-breasted must be chucked-out.

for flabby tummy: never wear hipsters. no skintight shiny fabrics. no cropped tops, even on baby fat.don’t wear your belts too tight.

Yes, I am giving this book four stars out of five

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