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It’s my first book on Luanne Rice.  I always see her books every time I get a chance to drop by Booksale but I was never lured to buy them. A few weeks ago, my daughter  bought a copy of The Edge of Winter. I think she got it on sale at Powerbooks.  I fell in love with the book cover, a picture of a girl on the seashore with the words, “happy endings start with new beginnings.” The layout is nice, I said, but is the story good? I was curious. I guess, that’s simply what you feel when you encounter a new author and read  one of her books for the first time. I really was not expecting to enjoy this book but I did. Talk about surprises, this  has simple plot, that of families intertwined  by their experiences in life, relationships between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and it’s all about friendships too. It details the characters like they are so real in one’s eyes. It speaks of love, loss and redemption.

I seldom encounter family stories beautifully written such as this. It makes you think that hope is not lost for those who have enough faith in life. Life is something beautiful if only our eyes are not blind to the daily blessings we encounter.

I  could clearly  imagine every scene that Rice beautifully put together and the lovely scenery which she described in the story makes me long to go and commune with the sea in all its glory and angry burst. When you love nature, you will truly appreciate this book.

This made me cry, don’t laugh because that’s how good it was. And I agree when she said that people make mistakes, take wrong turns, and even make some horrible decisions. As long as there is love and hope, you can see everything in a new light and even find in your heart to forgive.  Luanne Rice weaves a tapestry that is hard to put down. I bought another book of hers,  The Perfect Summer and it says, “for every love there is a season.”


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