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We just got home.

We attended the late evening mass at our village chapel and I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite priests of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross was the mass presider.  We used to attend Fr.  Leo’s Sunday masses at the nearby Parish but for the past year, we switched to  the  big church in our town. Josef loved and liked  that it is colder there.They have these super large ceiling fans. I’ve missed his uplifting and inspiring homilies all these  months. It was nice being blessed again after the mass.

It was a busy Sunday for us,  with the  “change oil” for the car and later doing the  groceries at SM Ortigas.  Yes, I already included  some groceries that we will use come December. Prices of basic commodities have gone  up again.  Some supermarkets  take advantage of the busy season where most buyers stack up on the necessary grocery items that they will use for Noche Buena.  Believe me, sometimes they are out of the shelves  when you need them.

I have a new favorite.  Every time I happen to pass by BreadTalk, I make sure that I buy even a slice of their Spring  In The City rolls. I just love it. This afternoon, I bought three. It is more costly than ordinary rolls but you get the best, freshly baked and yummy.

photo by BreadTalk

A slice of this roll is  enough for snack.  Add a cup of  freshly brewed coffee and you’re good to go. Their cheese and raisin bread is also a winner.  There are nuts inside ♥.  Sometimes you discover something to your liking and you stick to it 🙂

Remember those tea light holders that make use of tea light candles to heat the oil    made of different scents that emit those wonderful, wonderful aroma? Some holders are made of ceramics.  My goodness, the whole set  costs  the earth but I promised myself I will buy one as a birthday gift….to me of course….haha!  I have tea light holders here but the lamps are just irresistible.

How was your Sunday?




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I am always fascinated by candle lights, never mind if you’re just using tea light candles to illuminate a room or just to give that romantic feel in a very subdued lighting. These are my collections of Cardinal Ceramics which I bought more than twenty years ago.  Tea light candle holders, small figurines of animals and  beautiful potpourri bowls which were all hand-painted.  My former office mates and I  used to visit different branches of Cardinal Ceramics stores to look for those lovely set of tea cups and candle holders. It was an export company that started as a livelihood program but I think some years ago, it closed its doors to the public. A friend from Netherlands once  told me when she saw my collection that they looked like Delft ceramics. Anyway, since they are no longer manufactured here, I guess, I have to take care of them more. I may never be able to find another Cardinal Ceramics plate in any store here or if there still are, they must cost sky-high.

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