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It’s cloudy but it is still super hot.  Summer is really, really hot. Yesterday, even the water from the tank was lukewarm.

Haha, Sen. Grace Poe just passed by. NO VOTE for this lady.

If you ask me why I am not blogging regularly, I am now more focused on social media , particularly on those topics regarding the upcoming election. So many things have surfaced lately that an ordinary citizen who loves the country cannot just ignore. Drugs, drugs, drugs everywhere and yet, the three years that Duterte has been president, no drug lord  was caught, those poor drug addicts were the victims instead. And every personality who were jailed because of plunder and such serious crimes are now scot-free. I often ask myself, “where are we really going?”. The  boat is rapidly sinking. It is sinking fast.

I still read at night of course but it is now taking me so long to finish one. Three days and I am still in the middle of it. I found this lovely book about family relationships, how sometimes one person could change our lives.  It’s a story of a child born with a rare health condition.  I was hooked because of the title, The Secrets of Clouds.

Come to think of it, I don’t even want to go out because of the heat. Oreo sleeps in the bathroom most of the time. The tiles are cold to the touch.

I like summer but the humid weather is too much.


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