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I’d like to think my patience is long but….

Last Friday I e-mailed Pasig-Mabini branch of SSS and talked to their senior clerk of Medical Section what things were needed if I will file a disability pension as suggested by my ENT. He said the audiogram result and CT Scan if possible. I told him I already have a bank account, it is where they credit my pension. So he asked me to come over and let him look at my papers.

I left the house at around 6:30am but it was so hard to take a jeepney ride to their office. It took me two hours of waiting, traffic and all. When I arrived there it was almost 9am and there was a long line. Good thing the medical office was empty except the clerk I talked to last Friday. I gave my SSS Card then he said I am no longer allowed to file disability because I already have regular pension. Then he left me standing there. I say he is bastos. He was without manners. He should have told me last Friday not to go there anymore, I wouldn’t have wasted precious time. My e-mail was clear that I am a retiree. How insensitive people get sometime, the way they treat seniors all because they are hale and hearty. I was fuming mad on my way home. I told myself, tatanda ka rin. One day, you’ll get old too.


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I went to Pasig Rosario branch of SSS, they said they don’t accept application for disability then I looked for their Taytay branch a little further, same thing but one of the staff there was very helpful, she wrote everything on what I should do. She advised me to e-mail Pasig Mabini first before going to an appointment. I asked her if my mom’s renewal of her survivor pension for this year was approved. So glad to know it was already processed.

I don’t know where Taytay branch is and those I asked kept pointing further still. Gotta walk far. I asked a teenager last and he pointed me to the exact location. I am not used to walking under the heat of the sun. The jeepney ride was quite far from the place. Exchanged e-mail with a senior staff of the third branch and he promised to accommodate me on Monday instead of another week because they also have number coding in servicing clients and my SSS number falls on a Friday.

My audiogram was three months ago. I worry that they might request for a newer one but my ENT said it is useless for my right ear because it is not yet well. I could not hear a thing.

I’ll be busy until Tuesday. Tomorrow, I am opt for another check-up, Monday, I’ll go to SSS then on Tuesday, I’ll get the result of my FBS then back to my internist for consultation. Will have to get mom’s meds from the pharmacist of our town on Tuesday too. I applied for a free monthly supply of Amlodipine for her ten months ago care of the Mayor’s office. It was supposed to be delivered today but they said nobody was home. Josef, Jovy and mom were here. Crazy! I don’t know if they knew how to use the doorbell instead of knocking at the gate. Even the dogs didn’t even bark. How’s that again, are they pulling my leg?

It’s tiring to go out almost every day but I have to do it. And fares and eating outside are more expensive these days. Everything is going up, up, up.

Special mention goes to a friend and fellow blogger Anne Mehrling who posts those lovely prayers for me. I cried this morning when I read her comments on my wall. So touching🥰😍😘 When you meet people along life’s journey and they make you feel truly blessed, you can’t help but be emotional. Warm hugs and tight embrace to you Anne❤👏👭

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