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It’s  Black Saturday, the last day of the Holy Week. I know, I know I am not supposed to rant but allow me to just say a few words.

Sometimes I encounter blogs who re-blog posts from my site but some are polite enough to say hi and ask permission to re-blog. When you meet a blogger who just re-blog your post  with nary a  word, what would you think of it? I visited the site of this guy,  the few posts I’ve seen are various re-blogs from other bloggers.  I get annoyed encountering something like this. I am not saying that I am that good for some people to re-blog my posts but what is annoying is knowing that the content of one’s blog is based on the efforts of others. Crazy.  isn’t it? Except for updating the Discussion settings here blocking such people, I don’t know of other ways to prevent this.

I have a few spam mails on my spam folder and when I took a look, it is from the same person who just wrote her blog address on some of my friends’ comments. She only has two followers, definitely a new blogger  but if she thinks that she could  attract more followers this way, it is a big NO.  And it is annoying too.

I know  WordPress is a public platform unless you make your blog private, for your eyes only so to speak.  One can’t really avoid having your contents stolen in cyberspace.  It happened to me before.  For one thing, if one does not have enough material to support a post,  why blog at all at the expense of other people? One has to make an effort to write, right?

Sorry guys, I just have to get this off my chest 😦



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Have you noticed the new feature of WordPress right on the comment box? Whereas before they only have  “approve” and “like”, now they have added  “trash,  “edit”  and “spam”. I was wondering whether Akismet is still working. It is. I just deleted a few spam comments. I wonder why these people keep on writing those nonsense, those comments are not even related to the post. They have their own stories, sometimes their comments are even longer than my blog post but I don’t read them, I just press “delete permanently”.  As I have said before in some previous posts, they are quite annoying. I don’t see the relevance of reading them before deleting. Occasionally though, some valid comments  are in my spam folder so I reverse it and put them in the comment box.

According to WordPress, I reached my 10th year here the other day.  Well, it took me just one blog post when I opened this account since I didn’t even know how to customize it.  A year after I posted that lone poem, I started writing here so I don’t really consider that year-long hiatus counted as my first year. I only started  actual blogging more than a year after,  just  when I found out I had colon cancer.

Back then, Multiply was still alive and I had about a hundred friends there who are now mostly on Facebook too. I think those were the best years of blogging and posting Music videos and my own CDs at the site.  Multiply was a wonderful platform. My brother even subscribed me to the premium plan of the site.  It has closed its doors a few years ago.

How’s your blogging journey? Are you still inspired to share your thoughts in cyberspace?

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I’ve been getting lots of spam comments lately and the first thing I always do is to delete them permanently. I wonder if WordPress could do something about this, just delete them instead of queuing it to one’s spam comments. It is quite annoying to see them every time you open your dashboard to check the details of your blog.

I want an uncluttered look as much as possible and  no matter how a comment was splendidly worded but does not say much about the blog it intends to comment on but just write rubbish stuff completely not connected to the topic at hand, I just delete it. It is so obvious that these spam commenters don’t give a damn about what you write but just promote their site  through your blog. It’s really so annoying.

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I am getting a lot of spam comments lately. And it’s good that WordPress has committed to protect bloggers from spam comments.  I don’t know if I have to hate those spammers or not because sometimes I do read their comments here and they don’t even merit a comment back.  Sometimes I think they have this pro-forma  type of mails that they just send to anyone without even reading the content of one’s blog. And it is so obvious that they are just there to promote their own  site.

Come on people, online marketing is not bad per se because I have a friend who is amassing green bucks because of it.  Having a market list definitely helps but posting your unwanted messages on someone’s site is annoying. There was a time a few years ago that I attended a seminar on marketing online and I met this 15-year old student who was probably  earning more than what  an executive in a private company earns.  But it’s not for me and this blog will remain just a simple platform for my journey as a cancel survivor, as a mother, a wife and a friend.  It would make me happy if by reading it, you could learn a lesson or two or be a little inspired with what I write.

I am giving another go of the book The Constant Gardener. I just wonder why I can’t go beyond the first 20 pages. I wish I could find the movie version of it on cable then I won’t have to read it.


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