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There are so many apps at Facebook but this is the only one that I’ve tried at the moment. I just want to know how well they know a person through her public profile by guessing (?) things that would make you smile or frown.  My FB status is for friends only. I don’t click like on those posts of friends who are updating their walls publicly.  For one thing, I never send  nor forward chain mails even if they are of religious kind, I just erase them. Neither do I  play online games, it is a waste of time for me.

I like this though.

And except that weak point which is being crazy about sweets, I am not. I choose sweets I wanna eat and only do so when I crave for it.  Neither do I smile when confronted with suffering, I just cry silently and pray. All the rest though are quite true. I really hate FAKE people but I love meeting new friends.

By the way, I’ve just erased another twenty spam comments with that annoying word “write”. Some even have  WordPress sites. If they are legit  WordPress users, how come  they’ve joined the bandwagon of spammers?

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I do.

There is never a spam comment left on my spam folder. I delete them immediately. I don’t even bother to read them most of the time. There are those though who  are so persistent – same people, sometimes the same messages too even if they are not exactly related to the post at hand.  I noticed they love going back to old posts  and commenting on them.  I was even alarmed one time when somebody said he copied my blog.  Gosh, my blog? Or just a post in it?  Good thing there is Akismet which always filters everything.

Yesterday, I received this message from an unknown number that said “you have a vary urgent and crucial information. please contact my email now for the details”. His/her  email address was attached.  Maybe in his/her haste, the word “very” was misspelled.  Of course I was not gullible enough to believe someone I don’t even know.  This is not the first time I received such. Most messages I received before told me that I won in a lottery or  a raffle draw.  What a laugh! How could you win if you haven’t even bought a ticket and you don’t know what it’s all about?   Have you been victims of  such modus operandi?

I hate spam mails. They all go to my DELETE folder every time I receive one.   There are those bloggers too who just link your post to their sites and when you check, all posts are  just that, links from other blogs.  Since I started blogging,  I discovered  a dot.com which completely copied  one of my earlier posts and just changed some of the words. I reported it to WordPress and blogged about the site.  It was really annoying.

Just attended the first Simbang Gabi (evening mass) earlier. What a lovely and touching homily.


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I’ve been getting lots of spam comments lately and the first thing I always do is to delete them permanently. I wonder if WordPress could do something about this, just delete them instead of queuing it to one’s spam comments. It is quite annoying to see them every time you open your dashboard to check the details of your blog.

I want an uncluttered look as much as possible and  no matter how a comment was splendidly worded but does not say much about the blog it intends to comment on but just write rubbish stuff completely not connected to the topic at hand, I just delete it. It is so obvious that these spam commenters don’t give a damn about what you write but just promote their site  through your blog. It’s really so annoying.

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