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♫♪♫♪Was it something on a dream
That touch my memory
Or a picture I didn’t know I’ve seen
That made me stop and stare♪♫♪♫

There is this radio station in the AM band that I listen to every Sunday  night that plays purely 70’s music for three straight solid hours unhampered by radio ads except for an occasional station ID. The music of the 70’s is really something I really could relate to, the best kind of music, mellow touch and such. Back in the mid 70’s, I was a teenager finding her place under the sun and falling in love for the first time (did I just say that?) Oh well, there is always something that makes us a little sentimental, going back to old dreams and letting your mind wander on the might-have-beens. No regrets though because that was a part of my life that I truly enjoy reminiscing from time to time. I became a strong person because of it.

Don’t you just love listening to old favorite songs that remind you of how brave you were  in facing life’s challenges? Do you remember? Do you smile at yourself  while listening to the lovely melodies and meaningful lyrics?  Back in the 70’s, we had this phonograph and old 45 discs that you get to play over and over again until the record sounded scratchy in your ear because the needle needed changing due to constant use. Those were the days when you get to memorize  (by heart) every lyric of songs that you hear. And those were the days when keeping a journal was the “in” thing to do because you get to write all your secrets there. Ah, the joys of teenage life, the bittersweet experience of a heartbreak. And you believed that you could write tons of poems and hide  them somewhere in an old shoebox lined with a pretty gift-wrapping paper.

They’re playing Dan Fogelberg’s  Leader of the Band now. Back then, I was fascinated by someone who could really play the guitar so well,  James Taylor was a favorite too.  I attempted to learn to play the guitar  and bought every issue  of those Jingle chordbook  magazines by saving some of my meager allowance. The pin-up feature of various artists was something to look forward to.

Reminiscing and  finding joy in it. And the years are like a slide show of events that pass through a screen and you laugh and smile or even shed a tear or two. Such is life, an unending road of discoveries. Gosh, I will celebrate my birthday in exactly a week from now.  Growing old, remembering the passing years and keeping in one’s memory the joys and bliss that life brings. And always  reminding  yourself  that the life-changing events were part of the growing up years.

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I haven’t blogged for more than a week. Has it been that long?  My mom’s 84th birthday celebration last Saturday  was a mini-reunion for my two brothers, their families and Nissa’s family sans of course our youngest  brother and his family whom I haven’t seen for more than five years but we get in touch often through phone calls and e-mails. He’s been in the United States since 1991 and he has embraced the American way of life.

Josef and I embarked on a bold project of painting our grills and two front gates over the weekend.  It’s fun to undergo something like this but the heat hinders us from working the whole day. Anyway, our gates are sporting a new look – in bold reddish maroon color. We were able to finish painting the two spans of metal grills fronting the house and there is a lot more to do in the coming weekends. It’s good, paints nowadays no longer have that strong smell that makes you cough. Davies paints are odorless and easy to apply. You need to have a good brush and roller though to make everything smooth. It is an accomplishment that I am proud of.

Last night, I dreamed I was teacher. Yes, I was teaching high school kids to appreciate music. It’s not the kind though where you need to recognize wind instruments and chimes or guitars. I was teaching them how to listen to David Cassidy singing Cherish and The Associations belting out their more popular Never My Love. Ancient you might say but I remember in my dream telling them about the British Invasion in the music world and what baby boomer means :).  Earlier on, a friend posted some old, old songs from YouTube and it made me remember being a child of the sixties. Then I suddenly thought of  teen idol David Cassidy. I was in high school during the early seventies and one such program that I never failed to watch was The Partridge Family. Never mind that we didn’t have our own TV set and just viewed the series on a small black and white unit of our neighbor whose children loved the same program.  It was such a poignant reminiscing of the good old days. I also remember another figure that I loved, Mark Lester. I used to scrimp on my allowance just to be able to buy the monthly issues of Jingle Chordbook magazines where most of the time, they had colored posters of popular singers back then.  I never learned  how to play the guitar though because my eldest brother who taught me was left-handed and even if I could read the chords it was hard to interpret it when you were  holding it the other way. My dad used to play the guitar and even composed some songs in the vernacular and one of my uncles played the violin. I guess I was the only one who never learned, but I am proud to say I could carry a tune. So much for dreams and music.  Hearing your favorite tunes from childhood makes you smile.


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Ignore the title!

I am just having a LSS  and humming the song like crazy while writing this.  Perhaps most of you won’t remember the group who sang this song way back in the early seventies (I was in high school then). Sounds of Sunshine are more popularly known for their song Love Means (You Never Have To Say You’re Sorry) . It was that line I so clearly remember from Erich Segal,  the author of the book  Love Story and the film of the same title. But that’s another story worthy of another blog. I am getting a little sentimental  right now, watching film clips of the movie, the best scenes and lovely dialogue.

I do all my crying in the rain.

That’s how it starts,  thinking of the good old days. And before you know it, your tears are falling just because the song reminds you of something precious, memories of the past that you wish you could just forget but it is in their very essence that makes  you remember. And the rain outside doesn’t help.

Actually, I found this song by accident last night while looking for something else on YouTube. And I had a blast listening to all the songs I found, songs of yesteryears, songs from my childhood, songs that I associate with the first stirring of love and the first heartbreak.

It started with Cocoy Laurel.

Yeah, do you remember him? He is that talented guy who’s the son of our former Vice-President Doy Laurel.  Remember him in Miss Saigon? He studied at prestigious conservatory schools like the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Juilliard School in New York and The Facultad de Bellas Artes in Madrid. And we are friends on Facebook.  I thought it was a fan page but I was surprised to see that it is his personal account. I am a fan and he accepted my request. What could be lovelier than that? Don’t tell but I got this picture from his site.

What I remember was his  debut movie with Nora Aunor (that long ha?), Lollipops and Roses Lollipops and Roses was also his signature song in the movie.  So you can imagine how he captured the heart of a seventeen-year-old-me. Here’s one of his earlier songs,  I think it was also recorded back in the seventies when most movie theme songs were played non-stop over the radio.

Traipsing down memory lane.

I also found Walter Navarro’s videos while searching YouTube for more earlier recordings of Cocoy.  Now I know who resembles Walter, it’s Enchong Dee, Walter was just a little fair and Enchong is chinito.  Walter was one of the top ten matinee idols of the 70’s.

Yes, it felt like I was watching a mini concert last night, listening to the likes of various local artists like Novo Bono, Jonathan Potenciano and Julius Obregon.  The best Filipino artists of the 70’s, where are they now?

(Big thanks to Wilbert’s Music Library for the two videos uploaded here and to Cocoy’s Facebook account for the picture)

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