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Feasted my eyes and ears watching and listening in YouTube from various artists of old.  This was triggered by Pete’s post called Significant  Songs (197). I love the Doobie Brothers.  I remember the songs of my youth, those years when I was growing up in the province and  all we had was  the radio. Yes, back in the 60’s, we had no TV. It was only during the early years of the 70’s when my brother and I were already studying in Metro Manila that we had a black and white TV. Then came the color television and everything changed.

Back to the music.

I actually uploaded  many songs on my wall at Facebook like America’s Sister Golden Hair and Ventura Highway, Spandau Ballet’s True, Toto’s Africa, Take On Me by a-h-a, IZ’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Bee Gees’ Massachusetts. I laughed while watching Let’s Dance by Chris Montes.  So that was how they did it several decades ago, the dancing – the foot works and hand gestures.  It was really a happy tune.

Back in those years, I have memorized even the lyrics of the songs, danced to it and sang along.  Really YouTube is a rich source of all those songs of yesteryears.



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