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I am tempted to take up the challenge of Project 365  but I guess that would be an ambitious pursuit looking for somebody to photograph everyday and doing interviews in between. I did that two days ago on our trip to Tanay. I talked to their gardener and asked him how they grow the different veggies in their garden. I talked to one of the helpers of the place while taking shots of the flowers in the garden. I asked her if I could take her photo and she shyly smiled at me. She was washing bed sheets at the back of one of the Bahay Kubos lining the place and I asked her if she knew the names of the flowers around. That started our conversation. She asked where we came from and how we learned about Regina RICA so I told her that I longed to see the place since it opened to the public . She casually told me about a cousin who is a cancer patient when I mentioned that I am a survivor.  She was smiling when I left, no longer a shy smile but a smile of  a new-found friend.

A smile can change the world. Today, give a stranger one of your smiles, it might make her day and may be the only sunshine she sees all day 🙂


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Peace begins with a smile – Mother Teresa

Have you ever wondered how a certain smile affects an attitude of a person?  Have you ever thought how happy you felt because someone smiled at you?   A smile costs nothing really but it gives so much pleasure to the receiver more than the giver of it.  Try this experiment –   today, smile at someone you don’t know and see how  she or he will react because surely, he or she  would smile back at you.  Smile is something cheap and yet it creates beauty in all of us.  Your inner soul is reflected in your smile.

Lately, I’ve been researching on those different emoticons that we normally use online.  I quite envy a friend at my Multiply site who always sends  greetings to my Inbox using emoticons.  The way he does all those greetings accompanied by such lovely emoticons is quite impressive.  I am not completely unfamiliar with emoticons since  I often use them when I chat with friends at Yahoo  messenger or when I send texts to friends through my cellphone.  You can find a range of emoticons that is tailor-fit for what you are feeling at the moment.  It’s never a substitute of course for the real thing – that of a smiling face when you are happy and a  big frown when something does not agree with you.  Nevertheless, one can’t help but admire these little characters that are used to show your moods or emotions in a text, a chat or a blog.

I have this Smiley figure for  several years now, a part of my more than 200 collection of different key chains from all over the world, mostly gifts from close friends who know my penchant for collecting.   It’s made of  soft plastic in neon green and its hair is like   thin strips of rubber band  in bright green. It has movable arms and legs, nothing special really but I always like to put it in front of my computer  just to remind me always to wear a smile everyday.

Isn’t she cute?   If today, you could touch someone with a sincere smile at the precise moment that she needs it, wouldn’t it be all worthwhile?

Smile.  Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends?  Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over.  – Walter Anderson

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