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SM Malls, the largest mall chains in the country are having a three-day sale in some of their branches nationwide with SM East Ortigas included. As it is closer to home, a mere less than five-minute tricycle ride and about a three-minute walk from the terminal, I decided to go.  An SM mall is where you could find exclusive shops and the regular chains of stores as well. They have lots of restaurant and eateries inside, Just take your pick.

Their linens are definitely a steal at half the price. I bought two sets and extra pillow cases at 50% off too. Curtains are selling at 20% discount. I found it hard to match (a contrast actually, just picking a particular color from the bed sheets) with the sheets but found some in the end.  There are so many items at discounted prices but these are my priorities.  How lovely to see all those displays but you need  cash or your credit card to buy them. Today is also the grand opening of Uniqlo Phils. SM East Ortigas branch.  Uniqlo is a brand of affordable  but stylish wear  for all ages and all sizes.  I had a grand time visiting the site but I didn’t buy anything there.  I am looking for something I could give Nate later on, maybe toys or shirts but I was not able to choose from the array of display at the mall.  Maybe I will comeback this weekend to visit the mall again.

I decided to drop by National Bookstore later but the new branch lacks those books I was looking for. I guess it is always better to visit Booksale, they have a nice collection of books that are almost always new.

Window shopping is okay but it is even more lovely when you actually shop for goods that you need and for those things that are sometimes bought on a whim.

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Just have to visit the mall after attending the 9am mass today.  Hubby wants a new pair of maong pants, daughter needs to buy a bigger luggage for her trip to Thailand, son  is attending his regular workout at the gym all at the same place, Robinson’s Galleria, so I really have no choice but to go with them.  Although I don’t have 101 reasons to tag along, I was elated that I could visit Bestsellers again.

First stop was at the shoe section.  My daughter wanted to buy a pair of  walking shoes which she could use on her trip.  I saw this handsome and very-nice looking pair of Tone-ups,  you know, that kind of ” you-exactly-fit-my-feet-so-I-have-to-take-you-home”  way of thinking. 

I really didn’t plan to buy one since I have several slip-on sandals which I previously bought at Rusty Lopez  in three different colors.  But this one is so irresistible , size 5 is exactly my size, and the color is simply divine.

Tone up while you walk.  Get in shape without setting foot in a gym. Who could ignore these tag lines?  Since going to the gym is not an option for me (I still have that DJ stent insert, you see) so this one is.  A perfect excuse to buy a very expensive pair,  I could buy  three pairs of  Havaianas sandals for its price alone.  My daughter tried the sleek fit Shape-ups and she could not let it go.  Then she told me that she has been waiting for them to go on sale for quite a long time now to no avail of course.

Well,  it’s time to splurge on  walking shoes and a pair of  sandals for a change.  Inside the box is a CD which would teach you on how to maximize its use.  Shape-ups are designed to…..

1.  Promote weight loss

2.  Strengthen the back

3.  Firm calf and buttock muscles

4.  Improve posture

5.   Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

6.  Relieve muscle tension and fatigue

7.  Tone and firm thigh muscles

8.  Increase cardiovascular health

So we  blew away P7,300.00 on shoes alone.  Why not?  We were both grinning like crazy when we transferred to another section to buy a luggage.

By the way, it’s  Skechers!

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