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This is quite a long story. Out of maybe hate  for Sen. Trillanes’  investigation on Calida’s contracts with the government when he was still  a part of it, the latter forced Pres. Duterte’s hand to issue proclamation 572 saying that Sen. Trillanes (back when he was still a soldier) did not file an application for amnesty  when he was jailed for seven years and was granted amnesty back in 2011 by then Pres. Aquino.  He has since resigned when he ran and he won as Senator  back in 2010.

The Dept. of Justice filed a motion for his arrest in two courts in Makati.  The first  judge let him out on bail while Judge Soriano dismissed the case  a few hours ago after almost two months studying the case and reviewing all the papers submitted by Sen. Trillanes. What has been decided upon previously can no longer be overruled. A single solitary voice showed what true justice is. And in a world where most Filipinos are losing their faith in the justice system, Judge Soriano stood for all of us.

I am so glad democracy is still working in our land. Those trolls and Duterte diehards rejoiced earlier and they were so excited to see Sen. Trillanes in jail. Sorry for you guys, Judge Soriano is a fair judge, he could not be dictated upon by your  president.

Here’s a link on what happened today  at Makati RTC Branch 148 and here’s photo of a triumphant smile from Sen. Trillanes.

He is the only one brave enough and outspoken enough to question the wrongdoings of this government.

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In his brief message yesterday at the  Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem,  Duterte said:

“I could not imagine of a country obey an insane leader. And I could not ever fathom the spectacle of a human being going into a killing spree, murdering old men, women, men, children, mother”. 

He said further that  “despots and insane leaders “should be disposed of at the first instance. This was the same guy who said two years ago that he’d be happy to slaughter three million drug addicts just like what Hitler did  to the Jews.

Oh my, was he talking about himself? For this is what is happening now in our country.  His enemies in politics are  being persecuted one by one. First it was Sen. de Lima who was jailed  supposedly because of drugs, Chief Justice Sereno who was stripped of her post a few months ago. Then now comes Sen. Trillanes who is so vocal about Duterte’s doings and his failure to address the pressing problems of the country. Last  August 31, the latter issued an executive order revoking the amnesty granted to Sen. Trillanes by then Pres. Aquino back in 2011. Can the executive, without going through judicial proceedings,  declares the nullity of the Amnesty granted to Senator Trillanes just because documents in their own custody “cannot be found”? So if my birth certificate was lost  by the NSO, does that mean that I am not a Filipino citizen? If my marriage contract could not be found in their files, does that mean, I am not married?  What kind of logic is that? I say it is so rotten, BULOK. Or maybe Sen. Trillanes’ application for amnesty was deliberately misplaced so they’ll find a reason to arrest him.  Arrest now, check records later, is that it?

Thank you Geri Apostol for this photo.

He has no pending case in any court of the land. He was jailed before for seven years during La Gloria’s presidency because of staging a mutiny plot to oust the former. And now here comes a president who I think is very much afraid of Sen. Trillanes.  I watched all the interviews and happenings yesterday  at the Senate. Imagine arresting a civilian without warrant.  Sen. Trillanes resigned from being a soldier when he filed his candidacy as senator years ago. He actually won while he was in jail.  He is the only senator who filed the most bills  and most approved too.

It was timed. Does Duterte has to go out of the country before his executive order came  out?  Is this another kind of distraction from the more serious problems of the land? Rice with “bukbok”. importing “galunggong”  with formalin, dwindling dollar reserves and a very low exchange rate for the peso, eroding economy, billions  worth of shabu  drugs that entered the country, the unresolved 25,000 killings that are still ‘deaths under investigation”.  Gosh, in two years the Philippines looks pathetic when it used to be the rising tiger of Asia during Pres. Aquino’s reign.

Again I ask, where are we going Philippines?


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