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I can’t help but react when I watched his video on Facebook. Yes, I cried (they are tears of joy of course).

For several months now, people are urging him to run again for a Senate seat. He lost  to Duterte during the 2016 presidential election. You can’t win, those bots and trolls who were kept busy destroying the man, making FAKE news  about him. His  political enemies were at their best propagating those lies.

After months of discernment, he said it was really hard to decide. He is now enjoying being a private citizen, bonding with his family, visiting several provinces here in the Philippines, mountain climbing with his wife.

He knows about the problems the country and its people are facing now.  He said he has given his all during the past government posts  but he cannot just turn his back on us and the problems our economy faces right now. Is he willing? YES!  He is asking for our help because he could  not do it alone.  He needs us to be there behind him.

I just remembered, I  still have the baller bracelet  of Mar which Nissa gave me during the 2016 presidential election.

Thanks Sen. Mar. You gave us hope.

MAR ROXAS for the win.


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