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Sometimes, I get curious about those other bloggers who are not regular visitors to my blog why they like a particular post from long ago. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember writing about those subjects. So what I do is read  them too. When you are reading them, your visits to those posts do not register and add up to your stats.

My first question is, did I really write those? I have close to 2,800 posts since the start of this blog so sometimes it is hard to remember. Are you aware of that too?

It’s nice though to see new faces visiting your blog. Sometimes, I am not even familiar with the places where they come from. It is hard to maintain a blog.  Who says it is easy? You are putting yourself in the public eye.

To all those who visit my posts once in a while and to all my online friends here,  a big THANK YOU.


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