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A month ago, I promised myself that I would make my dream rosary. I’ve finally finished it two days ago and have it blessed by Fr. Luke yesterday after the mass. “It’s so beautiful”, exclaimed one of the staff at the parish office and she asked where I bought it so I told her, I made it. She was looking at me like saying, “Did you, really?” Then she asked if I have some rosaries for sale. We do sell some of them while the rest we give to friends as gifts.

This is one of those times that I miss uploading pictures from my camera, then I could have shown you how it looks. It’s made of 59 beads of rose quartz with the picture of Pope Benedict as the center medal. Rose quartz is known as the love stone and “it gives inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms. Rose Quartz opens the heart to love. It also helps as a rejuvenator to the skin.”  It has lots of  healing properties too. I made a partner for it, a single decade chaplet rosary which is so convenient when one is on the road.


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People could hurt you with words, just as much as they could with their actions. Remember about my blog on keeping promises and saying yes when you mean no? It was my son’s birthday yesterday so I deliberately didn’t blog just so I could prepare something for the three of us, minus hubby who is still in the province tending the farm.  I was simply disappointed that he could not go home although he promised that he’ll be here to celebrate with us. We do understand why he could not come home, well, it’s just that we were not complete as a family. You know why I’m big on celebrations like this, because he was away from us for so long while working abroad and he missed most of the special occasions in the family.

This morning, I had left-over pizza for breakfast,  left-over pasta for lunch and probably more left-over pancit canton for dinner.  It’s been a tradition in our family that every birthday that we have,  we prepare something that we could all share, unless there is time for us to go to a good restaurant and try some  recipes that we don’t normally cook at home.  It was quite impossible though to go out yesterday since the kids both had work to attend to.

We started selling the fashion accessories and some of the rosaries that my daughter and I made the past few days. I am getting excited about this project because we do get orders now although they still come in trickles but it’s a start.  The dining table has become our workplace at night and one could not measure the sense of camaraderie and bonding moments while we are experimenting on what colors to make and to combine. It’s a thrill in itself  to watch the beads slowly become a pair of earring or a nice bracelet or a colorful rosary. Making fashion accessories is indeed a very rewarding hobby, though you experience back aches from time to time and hands stiff from cutting wires and eyes too tired to see prints on the computer screen. Reading has again taken a back-seat for a while.

Would love to post some pictures here one of these days.

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Our so unreliable internet connection was a blessing in disguise last night.  I was able to learn how to make rosaries.  My son Josef jokingly remarked that  he will do the marketing if we ever decide to sell those we have made.  Well, I told him, why not give us some capital to make a go of this. Swarovski crystals are a little expensive and you can only make one rosary out of one string. Anyway, Nissa finally finished the cords  she made last night. We started on different colors but I like the Hematite beads best since they are so easy to make into rosaries.  I took some pictures of our actual projects  but I could not even edit them since I am using a borrowed computer. All my program files for my Canon Ixus are in my old PC.

Come to think of it, I was able to finish four rosaries last night and made three early this morning. Even my observant son was able to make two.  How’s that again? Now, I know how to make rosaries, yehey!

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