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There was a time back in the eighties when I was enamoured with spy thrillers, espionage and historical books. One such author that greatly influenced me to read such violent and fast paced actions was Robert Ludlum. I first encountered the author when a cousin lent me his book The Chancellor Manuscript and it became an ongoing love affair with most of his books that I could get my hands on since then. It was the first time that I learned about the KGB and the CIA.  I found the book  The Bourne Identity later together with his other books  like The Scarlatti Inheritance, Trevayne, The Osterman Weekend, The Matlock Paper, The Rhinemann Exchange, The Gemini Contenders, Matarese Circle, The Aquitaine  Progression, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Holcroft Covenant to name a few, on my many trips to National Bookstore and Booksale. I collected about twenty of his published books. I watched the first adaptation of the television movie The Bourne Identity on two Betamax tapes which I rented from our office.  It starred Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith. That was followed by a movie adaptation of The Holcroft Covenant which hubby and I watched twice upon my insistence. That’s how good the movie was back then.

Perhaps you will agree with me that the book version is always the best of the two since when a book is adapted into a movie, most of the salient and important scenes in the books are missing. I also got the chance to see The Bourne Identity version of Matt Demon, a far cry from that of Richard Chamberlain’s. Robert Ludlum was an exceptional writer. You would never get bored with any of his books because  Ludlum’s novels are carefully and thoroughly researched, abounding with physical, technical, and biological facts and details as is showed on the extensive and thorough research work on amnesia in the famous Bourne Identity. After his death back in March 12, 2001, it was alleged that he left behind several unpublished manuscripts which later were published one at a time by ghost writers.

I haven’t read the book The Bourne Legacy yet which was authored by Eric Van Lustbader and still under the Ludlum series  but it is now being made into film.

The movie  is directed  by Tony Gilroy with Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton in the acting lead. And no less than Metro Manila was one of the places chosen for the location shoot. It would  surely put Metro Manila  and Palawan on the world map although this is not the first time that a foreign film was shot here in the Philippines. This is something I am looking forward to when it would be released before the end of the year.  MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino keep everyone updated  through constant interviews on the Am radio. MMDA said they have formed a traffic task force for Bourne Legacy since shooting will start tomorrow. They said that 40% of the entire film will be shot here. Never mind about the horrendous traffic it would create when they closes down EDSA at the start of the shooting, since that spells a lot of money  and a temporary job for those they will be hiring extra for the movie.


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