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I wonder why it took me so long to upload the pictures I took of Blessed JP II’s exhibit in Cubao last October but I blogged about it earlier (hence, the “part II”). Oh, I remember now, at the time I took these shots, I was using my son’s laptop and I could not upload the Zoom browser feature of my Canon camera.

Gosh, I can’t believe I took all these shots.  I just love JP II!

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I did a lot of walking today and my legs are killing me. But it’s all worth it because today is something I call blessed. God blessed me with the opportunity to view and visit the exhibit on the life of Blessed John Paul II.the Holiness BEATUS, Embracing The Holiness of Blessed John Paul II, started on October 9 and will end on October 21. The relic and photo exhibit which is held at the activity area of the Gateway Mall is part of the Araneta Center and Diocese of Cubao’s celebration of the first feast day of the newly Blessed JPII whose actual feast falls on October 22, 2011. Beatus means “blessed” in Latin.

I left the house at around 9:30 in the morning and reached Gateway Mall after almost an hour of jeepney ride from our place. Hubby is not around so there is really no option but to commute. First stop was at National Bookstore at Ali Mall because I suddenly thought of buying the book Before Ever After since I was already there. If you are following my posts, I blogged about it almost a week  ago. Can you imagine, it’s out of stock and  has been for quite a while.

I was deeply touched when I saw the exhibit on JPII. After spending a few minutes in prayer, I have to go to another branch of National Bookstore (the largest in the area) nearby to buy a small notebook and ballpen. I have to take some notes on the exhibit and I didn’t even bring a ballpen. I took plenty of pictures and copied lots and lots of homily quotes  by JPII in various places he ‘d been to.  I wish I could upload them here but as usual, the laptop I am using is my son’s and there is always a problem of opening pics from my cam. Among the relics are the wooden  papal chair used by John Paul II at the Araneta in 1981, another papal chair he used during the meeting with Asian bishops at the San Carlos Seminary,  his chasuble, skull-cap, chalice, rosaries, pontificate seal, corporal, icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa (Patroness of Poland), an image of Our Lady of Loreto which he blessed, brick from the Jubilee door of St. Peter’s Basilica which he also blessed, a replica and relic of the Holy Grail which he used and blessed, a Sanguine blood which is considered a first class relic, a replica of the Cross in the Pastoral Staff of JP II and lots of photos during his various trips in so many countries.

The Araneta Center, is a Facebook page which has an album on the event  and is sharing them publicly so I am posting the link  here. I copied some portions of his homilies posted along with several pictures of the places he’s been to. And here are some of those quotes that really touched me.

On Youth

Dear Young People,

I entrust the cross of Christ to you. Take it to the world as a sign of our Lord Jesus’ love for humanity and proclaim to one and all that only in the dead and risen Christ is their salvation and redemption. (Homily on his last World Youth Day in Rome on April 04, 2004).

On Politics

Life is the first gift which God has given us. It is the first resource which man can enjoy. The Church is called to proclaim “The Gospel of Life”. And the state has its primary task precisely the safeguarding og human life. (Address to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See on January 10, 2005)

On Peace

Form consciences to the culture of peace. For peace to be possible, it is also a duty. (Homily on January 01, 2004)

Apostolic Visit to Portugal where he prayed infront of Our Lady of Fatima – May 13, 1982

If someone or something makes you think that you have reached the end of the line, do not believe it. If you know the eternal Love who created you, you also know that there is an immortal soul within you. There are various seasons in life; if by chance you feel winter approaching, I want you to know that it is not the last season because, the last one will be spring: the springtime of the Resurrection. Your whole life extends infinitely beyond it early limits: “Heaven awaits you.”

On March 30, 2005, Wednesday of Easter Week, shortly after 11am he made his last appearance at his window in the Apostolic Palace. He died on April 02, 2005 at 9:37pm on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Gosh, I made this blog unconsciously long. That’s how I love Blessed John Paul II. I am praying that he’ll be a saint in the  very near future.

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