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It’s raining again, that kind or rain that is light but it never stops.

We are under typhoon signal #3 and typhoon Ulysses is traversing the same path that typhoon Rolly did a week ago, some parts of the Catanduanes province in the Bicol region are now inundated, water almost reaching the rooftops of some houses.  God help us!

Supposedly, November is already our amihan season where the cold winds of Siberia bring colder nights to our shores. If not for La Niña which our weather bureau said will last till April, we won’t probably be having these late typhoons. Come to think of it, it is the 21st weather disturbance this year and we average about 18 to 20 every year.

Rainy nights (provided they do not bring flash flood) are a perfect time to read while sipping a hot tea in the process.  I went back to reading Charles Martin’s books, my 11th read since I discovered the author.

One thing that induced me to start this? It’s the cover and the title not even glancing at the synopsis of the book. I am fan of Charles Martin, a Christian author who writes such deeply memorable characters. And he blogs too  and I can truly relate.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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This rain never stops.  It’s been raining since last night. I woke up around 2 am since I could not sleep because of it. That kind  which is intermittent and sporadic, strong one minute then it stops then rains again. The new low pressure area is stationary so it is bringing in more monsoon rains in several provinces of Luzon including Metro Manila.  It’s one thing I dread – flooding. I still can’t forget those days when typhoon Ondoy flooded Metro Manila and we had to renovate.

It is okay if it rains as long as it does not bring flash flood and does not destroy properties in the process. Josef came back after a few minutes. He attempted to go to work early this morning but “no can do”.

This is just the ninth weather disturbance in our country. We are usually visited by around twenty typhoons on the average every year.


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