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Doing this in advance, greeting Nissa and Obet on their wedding anniversary tomorrow. I remember that one particular afternoon, nobody cried, we were all laughing because it was a happy and joyous occasion. My tears flowed though when they visited us a day after to let us know they were going on their honeymoon.

There were so many photos that their photographers took for their wedding album but I love these informal shots bettter, which reminds me I have my own wedding album of Nissa which was included in the package of the photographers. It is a small 6″ x 6″ album.

I just love this, two important people in my life in one frame. Lovell was still a deacon here. He was ordained to priesthood the following year. That smile from Nissa…priceless.

We called it Purple Day. Opps, one boy was missing. Bobic, adopted daughter of Alden was the little bride while those darling little ones are kids of Obet’s sister and Nissa’s close friends.

To reminisce one lovely occasion.


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Remembering this today. It’s Nissa and Obet’s 7th Wedding Anniversary.  So thankful that they gave us loving, lovable and smart Nate. In a few days, he will be turning six. Another celebration I look forward to.

Look back on the sweet memories, treasure your gifts of the present and look forward to more years of loving togetherness.

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary Nissa and Obet. More beautiful, fruitful and blessed journey together.

(Nissa called this event her Purple Day. It’s her favorite color 🙂

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It was all so surreal! So that was how it felt, letting go and seeing your daughter married to the man she loves.  It was a beautiful and lovely Purple Day.

The day prior to the wedding, we checked in at the Pearl Garden Hotel which is very near the wedding venue renting four rooms including Nissa’s junior suite. I asked hubby if I could stay with Nissa together with her maid of honor and hug her while asleep just like those times when she was still a chubby little kid, one last time before tying the knot with Obet.  We had a grand time exchanging stories  and that she felt nervous but  happy that finally the day has come for her to say goodbye to being single. We slept late but still woke up early to meet other members of the family who were billeted at the same hotel like we were.

She was a little-teary eyed when I told her that I will pray the rosary for her wedding before we go down for the complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel. It’s a prayer and a wish that the “happy ever after feeling” would hold throughout their married life, that they will be happy as they begin their journey together as husband and wife. Believe me, it was a fervent prayer of a mother for  her loving daughter.

Call time for make-up and photography was at 9:30 am.  I was happy to meet Tippy, Nissa’s make-up artist and friend who made us beautiful during the wedding 🙂 I didn’t know  that photography shoot for the preliminary preparations would take that long, with all the details  – Nissa’s wedding dress, their rings, the Bible, and all the paraphernalia that go with every wedding. There was this symbolic gesture of holding the gown for Nissa for her to put on, the two of us together facing each other under her veil. There were several shots of her while holding her bridal bouquet – the pensive look, the smiley face, the happy expression while looking at the distant waters of Manila Bay. It was all so lovely.

We left her hotel room around 2pm  and had some photo session in another area of the hotel before going to the church at exactly 2:30pm. The wedding started at 3pm with our family friend, Fr. Aly officiating. It was a perfect Purple Day at last – an intimate gathering of relatives and friends to celebrate a special day at the historic Paco Park Chapel. Everything seemed all like a dream, a perfect ending as engaged couple and a new beginning as husband and wife.

Their official pictures are not in yet. Just got this from one of their friends’ album. This is the traditional “Kiss the bride” right after the wedding.

A  picture of bliss with her little girls and little boys….oops, one is missing.

I didn’t cry when we were at the church because it was such a happy affair but when Nissa and Obet started dancing while they were playing  The Gift, I was teary-eyed.  When they played Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy during the traditional father-daughter dance, I had a big lump in my throat, it was so beautiful. Thanks to Josh for the lovely music, a combination of piano, flute and violin.

I love this one, not only because of Nissa but the two people dear to me were captured in one  frame. I also dream of the day when Lovell would be ordained a priest. He’ll have his Diaconal Ordination this coming November 30, another event that I will surely treasure.

I wonder what she was thinking while she was on her way to the altar. It’s  a new journey for her, being married and all.

I just love the play of light here. A perfect afternoon for a lovely  and wonderful wedding.

It was indeed a memorable Purple Day for all of us!

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