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I woke up around 3:15 am, hard to go back to sleep because I was conscious of sleeping through when Josef leaves the house at 5 am. I held my phone close so I could hear the alarm.I usually unlock the gate around 4:30 am, do a little sweeping outside then wait for Josef ‘s ride. Took a cup of coffee before I left the house for my morning walk and it seemed that was not good enough, had another cup upon reaching home. I felt so sleepy by then so I had a shuteye.

Who says one can’t sleep when you drink coffee, I did for another hour or so, I just woke up. Felt refreshed and ready for the day’s chores. I don’t know why but I am getting addicted with this instant decaf with Stevia as sweetener.

Nissa and Obet earned so many likes and comments when they posted the facade of their new home on FB, they didn’t share the rest of it though, only the look of the house outside. The other day I updated my blog on Nate and posted some photos of him and Obet. He is getting so tall and finally losing his baby fats. To think he is only ten. A friend commented on one photo that she thought it was not Nate on it. I am reposting it here.

He added soil to the hydrangea plants that they bought and repotted. He is learning a bit of gardening.

Good morning world, what a lovely Easter Tuesday morning❤💥✌


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Silence please, I’m taking a nap.

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Odette, a friend, surprised me with a visit and gave me a brand new hardbound copy of Richard Paul Evans’ latest book entitled Noel Street. She is so thoughtful when it comes to providing me with books by my favorite authors. She gave me several books and blank journals in the past years. I introduced Richard Paul Evans’ works to her and since then she had provided me with copies that are not sold here. And she likes the works of RPE too. It’s always a “one copy for me, one copy for her”. Her kids who are based abroad know this 🌝🥰☺

I enjoyed our chats while we had dinner at KFC near our place. We both wanted to avoid the traffic so KFC was our best choice. She even bought a barrel of chicken and side dishes to bring home to Josef.

I love unexpected meetings. They are priceless moments that a friendship brings.

When friends meet, hearts warm👭🌺🍻

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